Shari Berries Review

I was given the great opportunity to review an item on Shari Berries. When I first started looking around their site they had a wide variety and I spent hours looking around and trying to choose a special goodie to try from their site. They have everything from chocolate cover treats such as strawberries, cherries, Oreo, cake pops, cookies, cakes and cheesecake and so much more. There are so many different options to make a wonderful Valentines Day, Birthday and Easter. I was able to choose an item from Shari Berries. It was so hard to choose do I get something for my self or should I get something for my son for his birthday? If you do not already know I have the most special Valentine gift that anyone could ask for and that is my son. I decided to get my son something for his Birthday/Valentines Day. Although they had so many options and the berries and the cheesecake caught my eye but that would make a great romantic gift for couples for Valentines Day. When I came across a Valentines cookie arrangement I knew I was hooked. My son is not found of cake so it is challenge when it comes to his birthday, although I know he loves cookies. this is a perfect match. This arrangement came four heart cookies and two owls and a cookie in the middle that says guess who loves me. When I chose this option for delivery and it gave me a choice if I wanted to pay a little extra that I could it delivered at a certain time so I wanted to test that theory out. It was pretty accurate and I got it between the given times. When I let my son open it up he was speechless and asked if he could eat it. He said it is two pretty to eat. It looks exactly like the picture and well put together. It came in perfect condition which is a plus. When items like these ship I tend to get worried. The packaging was perfect. Well my son came to terms and tried one of the cookies. He is very picky when it comes to cookies. I call him my cookie monster. He said he approved of them and wanted all of them although I put them away from now. My overall opinion of Shari Berries is wonderful. If they could bring a smile to my son's face and make his Birthday/Valentines day a little brighter. It is all worth it to me and they have my vote!! I would highly recommend them. Their customer service is great and fast shipping. Everything as promised. You can find their site HERE.
You can also find special coupons HERE.

Disclaimer: Shari's Berries provided me with a gift certificate in order to be able to place an order for the cookie arragement mentioned in this post. I was not otherwise compensated for this review and was in no way swayed in my opinion by the provision of product. All opinions are my own and honest, your views and t may differ from mine!


  1. AWW! Thats such a sweet story! I keep stalking these reviews all over the place I got some of the berries for the hubs and he loves them! Yay for sharis berries!

  2. That is so wonderful. I am glad your little man loved the gift. I know I would too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Happy Birthday to your son!! Sherri's Berries sound amazing!

  4. Happy birthday to your boy! That's a great gift, I am glad he liked it.

  5. Too pretty to eat lol That's so cute! Happy Birthday to him!

  6. That is such a great review and touching story about your son. Thank -You for sharing. The cookies look yummy too. Are they soft or come hard?

  7. Adorable! Its great to see they carry items other than what you might think before checking the site out <3


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