Sunday, March 31, 2013

Neater Feeder Review

Last week we brought our newest member of our family home. His name is Jake and he is an Mini Australian Shepard. I have been looking and researching for the best dog products out there for our little puppy. We have been having trouble finding the right kind of water and food dish for Jake because he tends to push them everywhere in the kitchen. We recently was able to review Neater Feeder. There are three sizes of feeders for cats and dogs. If you accidentally order the wrong size there are extension stands that make the feeder taller. The size I picked out was a little tall for Jake at the moment, but he will grow into it when he gets to full size. When we tried having Jake eating out of the feeder I was surprised on how well he liked it. I love how there are no messes or tipped over food. I am glad I found this product right away. The Neater Feeder has a base where if the water spill it will catch the mess an not go on the floor or if the dog drops his some of his kibble it will also catch that also. Then it is easy to pick up an clean the catcher. The neater feeder comes in two colors Bronze and Cranberry and three sizes. The different sizes are custom to your size pet. I would highly recommend having this product for your pet. It is easy to use and clean. Also what I love is that it does not slip and slide and make a huge mess. You can find this product on their site HERE.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Toys R Us Review

Are you looking for that last minute Easter Gift for you child? I know the perfect item. You can go to Toys R Us and get your hand on the New YFlicker F3 Red and White Scooter. This scooter would be perfect if you have a young boy at home. YFlicker F3 is a new three wheeled transportation. Great way to get your child outside and get them active. That is one of the major benefits of this scooter is that children are active with this toy. This scooter is lightweight and has a steel frame. Which is easy for children to handle and also gives that sturdiness that you are looking for. If you take care of this scooter it will last for years to come. There is a lot of different things that you can do with this scooter and a lot of fun. YFlicker F3 has industrial designed casters for self propelling fun and side to side riding stance that allows for fun carving and drifting action. This scooter has enhanced ABS footplates. The ABS footplates are used for gripping capabilities and drifting capabilities. This scooter also offers great speed and high performance. This scooter also has hand brakes that offers control and safety, which comes in handy when you have a brave son who is willing to try just about anything. Also if you are wanting to take this scooter with you on vacation or somewhere else you can break it down where you can pop it in the trunk and take it with you. 

My son was estatic when he got his Easter gift early this year. He is five years old and this scooter is recommend for 7 years and up. He had a little hard time trying to get the hang of it today. Although I did make him wear a helmet and knee pads just in case. He had so much fun zooming around on this double scooter he calls it. I also like if he gets going to fast their is brakes on there. I would highly recommend this scooter for your child for spring/summer. This is also a great benefit for outdoor activity that your child needs. You can find this scooter and any Toy's R Us..

You can purchase it HERE.


Friday, March 29, 2013

24/7 Frenzy Review and Giveaway

 This year I have been trying to find great finds when it comes to women's clothing. As a single mother I do try to find the best styles out there, but also at a reasonable price. I came across 24/7 Frenzy an they have to over great styles of clothing. 24/7 Frenzy goal is to offer trendy items at an affordable value an also offer delightful fun customer shopping experience. Their staff works non stop in trying to find the best deals and the latest styles and they are hand selected around the world. 24/7 Frenzy you can mix an match items on their site to create your own personal style. They are always changing up their styles and always has something great to offer. 

I received a short sleeved sheer lace top to review and share my thought with you. When I took the top out of the package today my first thoughts were is how beautiful the top was. You would need a tank to go underneath this top because it is see through. It has a v neck to it. It also has button down half the shirt that it goes to a a belt that you can tie round to the back and tie a bow. This top was very pretty it was a nice shade of brown and then had a pretty orange color roses with the leaves for the flowers. It was a nice floral print. This could be used for going out or going somewhere nice. I really fell in love with this top and it also fits great. 

 24/7 Frenzy has a great selection of spring line. They have some really pretty dress's and great tops. I would highly check out 24/7 Frenzy clothing line. You can check them out HERE.


They have also agreed to give 5 lucky winners a 50 dollar credit to 24/7 Frenzy. They are responsible for supplying the credits to the winners. Enter Here




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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Marj's Naturals Review

I found a great site that I wanted to share with you. It is called Marj's Naturals. Marj's Naturals is a line of handmade soaps by a Registered Nurse and Makeup Artist in California. Marj grew up on an island so she had access to tropical fruits that beneficial for the skin. She figured out how to incorporate the fruit it luxurious soaps with other great ingredients.

I received three soaps for review. When they first arrived I loved how they where indvidual wrapped. They where wrapped with paper and then a strip of paper over original paper. Than a ribbon on top of the paper. What I like about these three soaps is that they are created in different shapes. One looks like a beehive and a bee. The three scents that I received were Strawberries and Sweet Mango Soap and chunky Pina Soap.

Strawberry and Cream soap is one of my favorites soap that I smelled. This soap is great for all different skin types. Also this kind of soap is great for acne prone skin. With Strawberry and Cream can be used as a facial cleanser and you can use this soap all over your body if you choose to. This one was my favorite of all three.

Chunky Pina soap is also a great smelling soap. This one was shaped as square and had a flower on top. It was a yellow color to the soap. This type of soap is perfect for all types of skin. This also is great for acne prone skin. You want to use this soap as a facial cleanser and a body soap also. 

Sweet Mango Soap. This is my second favorite soap. This is also a shaped as a square and had a flower on top. I really like the scent of sweet mango. This is a great facial soap and helps acne. This also makes a great body bar also.

These soap are absolutly amazing. I like how they are uniquly shaped and they would make great gifts. They also wrap them very special. I really like how they take time to wrap them very special. If you want to find amazing soap make sure you stop and check them out HERE.  


Global Goddess Review

Upgrade Complexion Face PrimerI was introduced to a wonderful site called Global Goddess. They offer a variety of cosmetics on their site. When you use their products I guarantee you will feel like a goddess. I was able to try their Upgrade Complexion Face Primer. I enjoyed giving this product a try. When you use this product on your face you want to use this product before you start your beauty routine. When I tried this primer I rubbed it smoothly on my face. It created a smooth even canvas. Than I felt that I could start my beauty routine. This product contains Vitamins A and E nourish. While the anti oxidants create a thin veil of protection for a great silky finish after applying.I enjoyed this primer and would highly recommend it. 

Shine Coconut Amla Revitalizing Hair TreatmentThe next product that I was able to try was the Shine Coconut Amla Revitalizing Hair Treatment. This product will help you get that shine that you are dying to have. This product is a Indian oil blend of coconut Amla, Henna, and Avocado. Each of the ingredients play a different part of making your hair beautiful. The coconut oil plays the part to rejuvenates your tired hair. The Amla Extract gives your hair the Vitamin C and the Henna adds volume and shine to your hair. This is very easy to use for your hair. I tried ths product and it made my hair shiny and it also felt like it was getting strong after the first use.

When I tried these samples they were great. I would highly recommend their products. You can find them their products HERE.


ENJOY’s Luxury Smoothing System Review

Recently I have heard a lot about ENJOY's Luxury Smoothing System. This system contains ENJOY Luxury Shampoo, ENJOY Luxury Conditioner, and Straightner. What I like about ENJOY is that they believe that their product should be the best for their customers. They do not believe in gimmicks or trying to sell a product that may not work. They work hard build a relationship with their clients and bring the best product to their clients.

I was very excited when Enjoy Luxury hair products arrived. I tried them the next morning. The first product that I tried was the Enjoy Luxury Shampoo. This comes in 10 oz size. This helps relieves stressed out hair and scalp and works to control heavy, coarse or curly strands. When I first tried ENJOY Luxury Shampoo I noticed that it had a wonderful scent to it. When I was washing my hair with this product I noticed that it was kind of thick and creamy, but also lathered in my hair very nicely. It also washed out of my hair nicely and it did not take a long time to rinse out.  I felt that this product was gentle on my skin but left my hair very clean. Sometimes I have that problem is after you wash your hair it does not always feel clean like it should. My hair felt great after washing it with ENJOY Luxury. I actually felt like I was getting pampered at the salon. I would recommend this product and definitely would use it again.

Then I got to try their Enjoy Luxury Conditioner. Their conditioner also comes in a 10 oz size. It also had a great smell to it. This conditioner was kind of thick. After washing my hair I applied the conditioner to my hair. This conditioner helps moisturizes and softens hair. It also can be used for moisturizing the skin or shaving. I really liked how it made my hair feel. The aftermaths it made my hair look shiny, healthy and soft. It also felt like my hair was fuller and stronger. It has not looked this great for a while. 

The last product that I was able to try was ENJOY Straightener. This product helps tames all kinds of types of hair types and leave them sleek and silky smooth. My hair is a little wavy but not completely. I also felt that it was kind of in a weird stage not curly but not completely straight. I love this straightener and helps straighten my hair and make it look great. When you use this product you use a small amount on your damp hair and then you blow dry and flat iron or you style as you normally would.

I really enjoyed this product. I would highly recommend this set. I felt like I was at the salon getting pampered. This trio set retails for 73.92. If you would like to find their products you can find them HERE.

ENJOY hair products has given you the chance to win your own trio set. Enter Below for your chance.


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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hide'em & Hatch'em Eggs

HE&HEeggsreviewAre you trying to find something unique to do with your children for Easter? Well I have found the coolest idea for your children. Instead of coloring and boiling eggs this year, why do you not looking Hide'em & Hatch'em Eggs. I was lucky to be able to review this product. What I plan on doing his hiding these special eggs for my children to find. Not only will these be fun to find on Easter morning the fun will not stop. Then we will put the water in cups or a large bowl and put the eggs inside. We will watch them hatch in front of us. This process will take up to 6-12 hours for them to hatch. The next day you will see a friendly pet to appear. When I heard about Hide'em & Hatch'em Eggs I knew I had to share with you guys. This is going to be our new tradition in our home for Easter. Or this can be a fun activity even if it was for Easter. It would be great for schools for projects. Hurry up and you can find them HERE before Easter. Make sure you hurry so you can get them in time!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Merlot Skincare Review

As you know for my I am always trying to find the best skin product out there. I came across a great skincare lined called Merlot Skin Care. A little bit of background on Merlot Skin Care. His friends and peers called him Mr. Grapes or Mr Merlot after his Skin care line. When he was watching 60 minutes about how drinking red wine could help prevent heart disease. He found that over 70 percent of research studies indicated that drinking 1-2 glass of red wine each day could be beneficial. This could also help prevent certain cancers and lowering cholesterol in your body. He proceeded to study red grapes and their seeds to see what the huge benefit really was. Studies have found that red grape seed antioxidants are 50 time more powerful than vitamin E and 25 times more powerful than vitamin C. In 2001 he launched his skincare line called Merlot Skin care. The main ingredients is the grape seed formula. 

Merlot gave me the chance to review several of their products. I received Merlot Purifying Peel-Off Mask, Merlot Clay Mask, Merlot Grape Seed Moisturizer, and Merlot Night Cream.

Grape Seed MoisturizerThe Grape Seed Moisturizer. When I opened this product the first thing that I noticed was the smell. I really enjoyed the smell and had a great nice scent to it which was not overpowering. The Grape Seed Moisturizer contains red grape seed, this is nature's most powerful antioxidant. This product helps the aging process. When I took a little bit of the moisturizer out and tried it  noticed that it was very lightweight and smooth. When I rubbed the lotion in my skin it absorbs in my skin very well and did not leave a greasy or sticky feeling. It left my skin a very nice and soft feeling. This product also has SPF15 in it so this is a plus if your are going out in the sun. Overall I would that I am satisfied with their Gape Seed Moisturizer. 

Moonlight Radiance Night CreamMoonlight Radiance Night Cream from Merlot. When I opened this product it had the same scent to it. When I applied the cream on  notice that it was a little more rich an creamy. It absorb in my skin great without leaving and greasy or sticky feeling. This product helps by reducing and reversing deep lines and wrinkles. While using this product it helps promote thicker skin and better quality skin tone while using this product. While applying this product at night it helps by working over night. While working over night it locks in the moisture. Moonlight Radiance Night Cream helps promote collages formation and skin elasticity. This product also helps boost your ph balance for your skin. I was a huge fan of this product I love the feeling and would use it for a night mositurizer. 

Purifying Peel Off MaskMerlot Purifying peel off mask. This product helps you rediscover your skin's appeal. This product is very gentle and quick drying mask to help remove impurities while maintaining skin's hydration. This product contains Grape seed, lemon, orange peel, grapefruit and ginseng extracts. These ingredients help soften, firm and protect your skin from stress. While trying this product it was very sticky and easy to rub in your skin. After a few minutes it was easy to peel of the mask. After peeling of the mask my skin felt great, re-hydrated and my skin looked great. This product helps get rid of skin impurities. It helps soothes stressed looking skin and makes it look hydrated after using. I loved this product. It was very easy to use and you could see a huge difference after applying this product. My skin looked and felt great after using this peel off mask. 

Clay Facial MaskClay Facial Mask by Merlot. This mask had a decent smell to it and not overpowering. this cream reminding me of a white clay while applying it. It reminded me of a thick clay while applying it to my skin. This product helped clean and clarify my skin. This clay is a natural kaolin clay that works to draw out excess dirt an oil from your skin. After applying this mask and it has dried wash it off with warm water. You want to make sure that the mas has officially dried before washing the mask off. This product helps clean deep down in your skin. After using this mask my skin looked great. It felt hydrated, healthy, and vibrant looking. I really enjoyed this clay mask and it was very easy to use this product. 

Overall I was very fond of Merlot products. I was not sure about this product at first. Although after trying each product I became a huge fan. Another plus about these products are that they are very affordable. They are affordable and they work wonders. What are you waiting for? Go check Merlot Skin collection out HERE<



Monday, March 25, 2013

Root Vue Farm Review


HSP Nature Toys was started by Richard M. Ray. He developed eeducational scientific kits for children. this helps the learn more about nature and the growing process with the different kits. The kit that I was able to try and review was the Root-Vue Farm. This is a garden laboratory where you can grow and watch carrots, radishes and onions that grow underground. 

I was able to try Root Vue Farm for review. My son was super excited when he received this kit in the mail. He wanted to start this kit ASAP. What I really like about this kit is that when you plant the seeds you can see right through to the dirt. You are able to see everything during the growing process. Also this kit is very easy to set up and also is easy to take care of. This kit come with a self watering base, scientifically formulated grow mix, carrot, radish and onion seed packets, growth chart, plant Iidentification labels and 6 teacher tested experiments.

Overall I love this experiment because my son also loves it. It is a great educational process for him. It teaches him how different vegitables grow and he can partake in the process. Although he got a little inpatient at time due to it took awhile to grow. Although he like to check it first thing in the morning to notice if anything has changed in the growing process. This would make a great Easter Basket Gift for your child for Easter. You can find this kit HERE.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Zoobies Review

Clifford Book BuddyMy daughter is in that stage where she loves stuff animals. You will find her every night curled up with a stuff animal in her arms. Usually you will find a stuff animal dog. Well when I came across the site Zoobies I knew that this would be a great fit with my daughter. The only problem that I had with Zoobies is that they have to many cute Zoobies to choose from and it is a hard decision to make. 

When we received our Clifford from Zoobies, my daughter was very excited. I will mention one thing Clifford was a lot bigger than I was expecting it to be. I thought it was going to be a lot smaller. It was soft to the touch and it is very cuddly. That is the first thing my daughter did when she saw Clifford. Clifford is not just a stuff animal. Clifford is a 3 in one toy. Clifford is a plush toy, blanket and pillow. 

I like bringing this in the car with us. My daughter likes using it as a pillow or you can use it as a blanket. I am getting at that stage when a diaper bag looks silly to carry an extra diaper. When you are going out you can bring the stuff animal. You can also hide a diaper inside so it is not noticeable. My daughter takes her Zoobie everywhere with her. She brings it in car rides, nap time and even bed time. She also loves playing with it and taking the blanket out and using it for nap time. I think every child should have a Zoobie. These are creative, fun and a safety net for children. This would make a great Easter gift for your child. You can go adopt one of your own zoobies at their site.

Bee Alive Review

BeeAlive Spa Essentials Natural Skin CareDo you like going to the Spa. I know that I enjoy going to the spa but I can not afford it or nor do I have time with my two children. I have found a line of products that make me feel like I am getting pampered at the spa, but in reality I am in the comfort in my own home. I was able to try Bee Alive Spa Essentials skincare products and I absolutely fell in love with their products. I will say after trying their line of products they will make my top ten list for skincare products. I have been trying this product for the past several days and I have notice a huge difference in my skin. Bee Alive carries two different lines their Spa Essentials and dietary supplements. Bee Alive also has been around for the past 25 years.  

I was very excited when I was able to try their line Spa Essentials line of products. What I love about their products is that they are gentle on my sensitiveness skin. There products are not made with harsh chemicals. Their formulas for their products are delicate and handcrafted, gently infusing the intense nourishing properties of royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen together with other natural herbs and essential oils. Also their goal is to nourish your skin and not strip away natural protective oils. Their line of products is to have a long term affect and not a short term affect like other products. Their products are here to fix the problem and leave your skin healthy and to help your skin look great.

I received their line of Spa Essentials. When I received the package and opened it. I will say that their products were packaged very neatly and they were highly protected with bubble wrap. The collection of products that I received were Delicate Royal Jelly Creme, Enriching Royal Jelly Creme, Foaming Honey Cleanser, Kaolin Clay Cleanser, Rehydrating Facial Tonic, Honey Masque, Royal Jelly Serum.

Enriching Royal Jelly CremeEnriching Royal Jelly Creme Moisturizing Face cream. Enriching Royal Jelly Creme comes in a .8 oz glass bottle with pump. The first thing that I did was pump a little bit out and smelled it. I actually fell in love with the smell. It is hard to describe what it smelled liked. This products is a rich moisturizing face cream that combines the powerful soothing properties of herbal blend of delicate essentials oils with the nourishing benefits of honey royal jelly and bee propolis. I like how this face cream helped hydrate my skin. I saw a difference after one use. I also like how this product actually left a long lasting feeling than a couple hours like other products that I have been using.  After using my skin felt fresh and soft to the touch. This product is recommend for Normal to Dry skin types only. Or you can also use this product as a renewing nighttime moisturizer. This is a great Moisturizer face cream.

Delicate Royal Jelly CremeDelicate Royal Jelly Creme Moisturizing Face Cream. This is a Elederberry antioxidant Formula and it comes in an .8oz glass bottle with a pump. This delicate face cream is more lightweight than the first one. This cream combines intensely hydrating herbal blends and delicate essential plant oils with the soothing and nourishing properties of honey, royal jelly and bee propolis. This product also has elderberry which is a powerful antioxidant. This proprietary blend is designed to help counteract the signs of aging. I like using this product for my daytime moisturizer. This cream is very lightweight and makes my skin feel great, soft and light weight. I noticed that this absorbs faster than the other moisturizer, but both were great products. This product is recommended for normal to oily skin types. I would recommended using this for your daytime moisturizer. 
Royal Jelly Serum

Royal Jelly Serum Naturally Moisturizing Face Serum. This product is made with Argan and Jojoba Oils. This come in a .85 oz glass bottle with pump. This has a different smell than the other two products. I am not a fan of this smell, but I can tolerate it. The Royal Jelly Serum is a light serum that is concentrated with their precious non freeze dried royal jelly and naturally derived Hyaluronic Acid. At first I was not fond of this product because it did not seem to rub in and I did not think it would show a difference. I believed that I used a little to much and that is why it was a little harder to rub in. I noticed after using this product that it smoothed out my skin and made my skin very soft. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I fell in love with this product and I have been finding my self using this product  often more than others than I normally use. It makes my skin feel flawless and I love that feeling.
Foaming Honey Cleanser 
Foaming Honey Cleanser All Natural Facial Cleanser. This product is made with Lavender and Geranium. This comes in a 6 oz bottle with foamer pump. This is a gentle foaming cleanser and make up remover. This product would be great for all skin types. This product has a unique and balanced formula helps maintain the delicate ph balance of the skin. This product has Aloe and antioxidants in the green tea extract that are nourishing. Lavender is the essential oil that soothes the skin. The Geranium is the essential oil that invigorates the dull looking skin. Than the Honey gently cleanses and leaving your skin feeling refreshed. I fell in love with this cleanser and it does not irritate my skin like cleansers. I also like how it is gentle and removes my makeup without breaking my skin out. 

Honey MasqueHoney Masque Facial Toner, Firmer and Brightner. This product has AHA and licorice in it. It also come in a 2.0 oz bottle. This product is a unique honey treatment masque. My first thoughts about this product that it would be messy and I would not find myself using this product. Boy was I wrong. This masque has left my skin feeling softer and made my skin feel firmer. This product has five botanical extracts- Bilberry Sugar Cane, Orange, Lemon and Sugar Maple. These extracts help tone and smooth skin by increasing the rate of skin renewal. This product felt a little sticky but not as bad ask I thought it would. This felt different from the other masques I have tried. It was definitely worth it and my skin looked great and fresh after using this product. 
Kaolin Clay Cleanser 
Kaolin Clay Cleanser Gentle Deep Skin Cleanser. This product has Propolis and Fruit Enzymes and it come in a 2.7 oz glass bottle with pump. This is a gentle deep cleanser. This product is recommend for all skin types. This product is to help remove impurities and help remove makeup without stripping the skin. Kaolin Clay helps stimulate circulation to your skin while gently exfoliating and cleansing your skin. Propolis is to help restore and protect your skin. When I tried this product it was a little runny but boy did it work wonders. It was very gentle to the skin and I really like this product and was on of my favorites. 

Rehydrating Facial TonicRehydrating Facial Tonic Refreshing Facial Mist. This product has lavender and honey and come in a 3.25 fl oz bottle with pump. This product has a refreshing multi purpose facial mist. this has a blend of lavender and honey in this product. This product is also for all types of skin types. What I love about lavender it always seems to calm me down and relaxes me. Honey hydrates your skin. I love using this product through out the day it helps me feel fresh. I would highly recommend this product. 

I am very glad that I was introduced to this line of products. I have never heard of Bee Alive before and was very impressed with their products. As of now this line of products are is in my top ten list and I would highly recommend checking them out for yourself. You find their products on their website here.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Almondina Review and Giveaway

In the morning and afternoon I always enjoy a hot drink, such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Majority of the time I like something to go with my hot drink. I have been having a rough time finding the best treat to go with my hot drink. Recently I was introduced to Almondina Biscuit. Almondina Biscuit goes great with hot drinks. When I learned about this company I felt very lucky that we get to enjoy this wonderful cookie/biscuit. Almondina was a family secret recipe. His Grandmother kept the cookie that was called Petit Gateau Sec a secret her whole until recently before she passed. Than she passed to her recipe to her daughter. Then she passed it to her son and he renamed it Almondina. Dina was named after his grandmother. 

I was lucky I had the chance to be able to review Almondina Biscuits. When I received the package in the mail I received a sample pack to try. There were six sample packs that I received. They were Choconut, 2 Originals, Gingerspice, Sesame, Cinnaroma, and Chocolate Cherry. 

Let start with the Original. This was the cookie that made Almondina Biscuits. The Original is their top best seller. The original is made with almonds, plump raisins and blend of natural flavors. I really like how they make it just perfect. I love dunking this one in my coffee.

The second flavor that I tried was the Choconut. If you are a chocolate lover than this cookie is just for you. What they did with this cookie is they took the original and add chocolate to it. This cookie is still low in calories. 

If you love cinnamon than this cookie is for you then. I am a fan of this one. This cookie has almonds, raisins, and cinnamon. They made it go together just perfectly and put enough of each ingredient to make it take great. I like this one with my tea.

Ginerspice is my dads favorite one. He really like the ginger taste. This cookie has chunks of flavorful real ginger to give it that extra kick. This cookie actually has chewy pieces of ginger inside of the cookie. It is crunchy and chewy at the same time.

My son is a big fan of the Sesame cookie. This cookie is roasted sesame and also has a flavor of almonds and raisins. He loved this kind of cookie and would not share with anyone. 

The last flavor was the chocolate cherry and this was my daughter favorite one of them all. This one has dark chocolate and cherries. I really like this one also and enjoyed it with tea.

I am glad I had a chance to review Almondina biscuits. I normally would not try something like this but i am very glad that I did. I would highly recommend this product. I also noticed is that it is a great snack and healthy for you. You can find this product on their website.
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Smart Toy's Bunny Peek A Boo Review

Smart Toys have recently came out with a very cute toy. Just in time for Easter/ Spring. I know what I am putting in my daughters Easter Basket. That is their new toy Bunny Boo. This is a great game for younger children. Although my five year old will also like this game, but my two year old will be able to have fun with this game also. Bunny Boo is a 3D puzzle for young children. Bunny boo has 4 pieces to this game, but so many possibilities. There is a stack of cards that show your child what they want you to do with pieces. For example put the bunny next to the yellow block. These are easier patters for younger children. There are some cards that may look similar to other cards, but they can be very different. For example two cards looked the same but the ears stuck out more on one card than the other. There are 60 challenge cards for you children to solve or this toy can just be played with also. My daughter will absolutely love this toy also. I would highly recommend Bunny Boo. The reason why I like Bunny Boo is because there are four pieces to this game and it easy for younger kids. I notice more often in children's toys that there are so many pieces in younger children toys. Than pieces get lost or children get fruserated. I like Bunny Boo because there are so many different options with this toy. I also like it because it is educational and is pushing problems solving and math. I love educational toys for my children. Even though they have no clue. SHHH do not tell them because than they will not play with them. What are you putting in your child's Easter Basket this year?

You can order Bunny Peek a Boo online at Smart Toys and Games and “Bunny Boo is available at quality toy stores and you can order Bunny Boo online at Smart Toys and Games or Amazon.”


Are you a busy mom that works out? Goes to the park with the kids? Goes grocery shopping? I have a product that may come in handy for you...