Super Buddies DVD Review

Look who is back!! That is right Disney's Buddies are back in a brand new movie!! Supper Buddies is set to be released on August 27th. That movie will be released in Blue Ray Combo Pack and DVD.

A little bit about Super Buddies the movie- Our favorite characters are back Budderball, Mudbud, B-Dawg, Buddha and Rosebud. In this new adventure they discover mysterious rings on Fernfield Farms. They start to realize that the rings grant them each a special unique power. The pup's works together to help others out in the community that need help. Soon they will face a bigger problem when and alien from outer space starts to threaten their planet. Will the pups come up with a plan to save the planet without letting their secret out? Watch and you will find out!

I already knew that this film would be a hit in out house. My son loves the other Buddies movies and Air Bud, so I knew this movie would be a hit. When we sat down and watched the movie my son loved this movie. My daughter watched parts of it but lost her interest a few times. She is three year old so that is why. I loved the movie and I got caught up in the movie and had to watch the whole movie. This is a great movie and a great movie for family night. My son loves all the buddies. I have to lean towards B-Dawg as being my favorite Buddie. 

You can find this DVD at amazon or your local store.  


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