Thursday, February 28, 2013

Magic Cabin Bunny Purse Review and Giveaway

I have found the cutest accessory this year for Easter and it is a Plush Easter Purse from Magic Cabin. This would be perfect for any little girl out there. This would also make a great first purse for your little one. This is made of soft  cotton sherpa and it is also machine washable. This Plush Purse come in two options Bunny or Ducky. This is for children age 2 and up. 

I received a Plush Bunny Purse for review. I was very excited to receive this Plush Bunny Purse this year due to my daughter is getting in that diva stage. She is starting to play with purses and put things in them during play time. When I received the Plush Bunny Purse it is a lot cuter in person than pictures. When I took the purse out of package the purse was very soft to the touch. The purse sizes is 5-1/2" diameter. The front side of the purse it has a face of a bunny. Eyes, nose, and mouth. I really like the floppy ears are on the side of the purse. They also have the soft material on on the ears also. One side of the ear is fluffy and the other side is smooth pink. This purse also has a soft pink handle on it. This makes it easy for your little one to hold on to and bring anywhere with her. Also the zipper to the purse has a zipper pull. I think this is my favorite part of the purse. The zipper pull has a carrot attached to it. This makes it easy to open the purse. This is where my daughter has trouble with purses. It is hard for her to open it and then she gets frustrated. With this purse she does not get frustrated with it and she has a lot fun.

When my daughter saw this purse for the first time she grabbed it and went over on the couch. She looked over at me and so no more mommy all mine. She played with this purse all day and would not let me see it at all. When we even went to the store she had to bring it with her and she had to put a couple of her things in her purse also. My daughter also liked playing with the bunnies ears and the carrot. She could easily pull the zipper open and close. I would highly recommend this Bunny or Ducky purse for your little girl for Easter. You find the bunny or ducky purse HERE.

Magic Cabin and agreed to give one Purse to a lucky reader on Emmy's Deals Enter Below to enter usa only.

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Magic Cabin Rubens Barn Linne Doll Review and Giveaway

This year trying to find something for my daughter for Easter is kind of hard. She is two years old and at this time her taste are always changing. I recently was introduced to Rubens Barn® Linné Doll from Magic Cabin. These dolls are not your everyday kind of dolls and they are nature themed. In this collection there are twelve different dolls and they are Blueberry, Bluebird, Bumblebee, Butterfly, Chanterelle, Ladybug, Moss, Mushroom, Pinecone, Strawberry, Sweet Pea and White Rose. They are 9-1/4" tall. What I love about these dolls that they are handmade. 

I was lucky and I was able to review White Rose from the Rubens Barn® Linné Doll Collection. When I first received this doll I instantly was blown away by the White Rose Doll. It brought back memories when I was a child when I had dolls that where handmade and where similar. My great aunt love to make handmade dolls and animals. They where something that I treasured when I was a child and these dolls remind me so much of my great aunts creations. I have been looking for dolls that reminded me of her or something similar to them. Rubens Barn® Linné Doll is plus but looks so real in my opinion. The first thing that I noticed was the hair. They hair was brown and short, but in my opinion it looked very realistic. Also it is very soft. I also noticed on the face of the doll there were eye lashes, nose, a nice smile and ears. The eyes where sewn on and they look good on the doll. What I really like about the face was the cheeks were rosy and that added to the doll. Now that is simple but beautiful. I like the front of the hat where there is a white rose which makes the hat to me. The flower and the leaves to the hat are made out of felt. What I also noticed about the hat where I thought that was classy was the hat around the brim at a single line sewn blue where added a bit color to accent the hat just a little bit. What I also noticed that the hands and the feet of this doll also look very realistic. They have the finger and the toes. Then it comes with a top and pants that were hand made. They both can come off the doll if you chose to take it off. The top is a white top with three white roses attached to the top. There is only one rose out of three that has the green leaves to it. The pants are plain blue. I was very impressed with the quality of this handmade doll. 

 When I showed my daughter this doll she absolutely loved this doll. I will only let her play with it supervised due to she is only two years old and I do not want her accidentally pulling something off. I know when she gets a little older she will really appreciate it. I was surprised my son actually liked it also and that is a rare thing. He usually stays away from this type of thing. My daughters first reaction was pretty doll and tried to rock it to sleep. She also liked the flowers and told me they were pretty. I would highly recommend one of these  Rubens Barn® Linné Doll from Magic Cabin for your daughters Easter Basket. This would make the cutest present for them. They are unique, creative and well made. What I honestly like about them is there is nothing like them. Where other dolls they seem to me all the same. You can find one of these magical dolls HERE

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review of The Jungle Book From Phase 4 Films on DVD

I know Easter is coming up and I am always looking for items for my children Easter Baskets. Well I came across a great Easter Basket Stuffer. One great thing to put in your child's Easter Basket this year is the family fun movie The Jungle Book. This is a new release on the age old tale of a boy being raised in the jungle. I know that my five year old is a huge fan of Jungle Book. 

I recently received a copy of Jungle Book DVD and it was absolutely amazing. It also came with the bear from Jungle book. When my son spoted the figurine that came with the DVD he immediately took it out and take it with him everywhere. We decided tonight that we were going to have a emergency family night so we could watch this movie. Grabbed the popcorn and some soda and started watching the movie. I was impressed with the movie. I do not want to spoil it for you guys before you watch it. It is worth watching with your children and it is a great family film. My son enjoyed it a lot and kept wanting to watch it over and over. My daughter who is two could watch it about once but she seemed to like it a lot also. Which a lot of movies do not catch her eye. The characters were fun in the movie and the voices were great my daughter really seem to interact with them. Which was great to see. You can get this film limited time at Walmart only. I would highly recommend this film to put in your child's Easter Basket this year. You will enjoy a great night with your children. So what are you waiting for? Go to Walmart and pick up your copy.

DormCo Flannel Sheets Review

I know that I am a college student and I am always trying to find items for school. Do you have a child that is starting college or are you going to college? Well you should check out DormCo they are the leading retailer for college dorm essentials. They have everything that you can possibly imagine. There is bedding, trunks, rugs, decor, closet, laundry, bath, security, deals, packaging, seating, posters, organizers, cooking, study, alarm clocks and so much more.

DormCo was very generous and let me review one of their items. I spent hours looking through their site and it was very tough to choose one item. I like how there site was very easy to navigate around their site. I also like the tabs on their site with each category. The item that I chose for review was their Fleece Dorm Bedding Sheets. These come in Twin XL and let me tell you they are very soft. I think the first thing that I did when I received them was feel the material. Let me tell you they where very soft to the touch. Living in Michigan where it is really cold these would definitely come in handy. This set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and a pillow case. I chose the Burnt Red color although there are other colors to choose from. When I washed them they where still very soft and were the same condition like I received them in. When I took a nap today they where very cozy on a cold winter day. I would highly recommend these flannel sheets for you college dorm or even for your own home!!. You can find more of their great products HERE

Coupon and Save money and Give Back

 I know there are a lot of you out there that love to use coupons and saving money. I also know that a lot of you would love to give back in some way possible. What if I told you I found a perfect place that you could do both? There is this amazing site Where you can find a specific coupon you can use to save money and while you use a coupon that saves you money they provide a meal to a child in need. That is right you are saving money you are saving a child's life with a mean. I love this concept behind and wanted to share this amazing site with my readers because the are doing a wonderful thing for children in need. is a family owned and operated online and provides you online source of coupons, discounts, deals from the web's top American retailers. I went browsing to see if they had a variety of retailers. I was surprised on how many they where anything you are looking for is probably there waiting for you to use a coupon. I have posted two videos that you can check out on here two see how it works. Both describes on how you can find a coupon and how to enter the discount code for your purchase will make a small commission from that retailer that you used the coupon for and they use the money the receive to feed a child in need. 
I have taken this from their site is

Save1 makes monthly donations to 501(c)(3) organizations that have a history of efficiently delivering nutritious meals to hungry and malnourished children around the world and who meet our Feeding Partner Selection Criteria.

I wanted to share this information with you today. I know that I am single mom of two and I can not donate money to charities that I would like to. Although this is an option that I can do. There are time where I make purchases online for my children. Now I can feel good by using a coupon from and a child in need. I hope you take advantage of this oppurtunity and help children also. Thank you from Emmy's Deals 

 You can check them out at via Facebook
Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to stay up-to-date on the latest deals and what is happening.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Puppet Monsters Review and Giveaway

When I received a email about reviewing one of these Puppet Monsters. My first opinion of them is that they are unique and they look like a lot of fun. Before I made my decision if I wanted to review one or not my son walked in. Just showing him the different variety of Puppet Monsters. There was a video on the site and it is very cute and he started singing with it. I knew when he fell in love with the video he definitely wanted to review one. 

We chose Dizzy Antlers for review. When we opened are package today you know that my five year old had to figure out how to put him together. I really liked this toy because it brings out a child's creativity. There is not wrong way to put this Puppet Monster together. When we took ours out to put him together it starts with the body it is like a red hat than you add the accessories to it. If you flip the main part over you see that there are little holes are. You can put the eyes, antlers, nose, feet and arms through those holes to make them stay in place. They are very easy to attach. My five year can put them through the whole easily with no problems. Which is nice because sometimes he gets frustrated when he can not do something he may particularly likes. Today he spent hours playing with this puppet monster he had a fun time putting the parts all over the puppet. It was great watching his creativeness. He also likes the arm because you can put your fingers in where the hands are so you can make the puppet move. These are a fun toy to play with and I would highly recommend them for your kids. You can find them HERE.

Also Puppet Monster has offered a special promo code for all of Emmy's Deals. That is 5 dollars off your purchase and the code is PUPPET. Also they have agreed to give one Puppet Monster of Choice to one lucky reader on Emmy's Deals.

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Swaddle Desings Review and Giveaway

I know when you have a baby you try and find the best products. I know when it came to crib sheets I always tried to find the best. I know when my infant was sleeping I wanted to make sure the crib sheets fit just right and not to big. I always had the fear that they would come off and my child would get tangled in them. I have discovered a new company that offers great products and great fitted crib sheets. That is Swaddle Designs. Swaddle Designs specialized in everything that your baby needs to keep warm such as wearable blankets, bedding, towels, washcloths, burp rags and more. This site has a great variety and you can check many items you have on your list off with Swaddle Designs. A fun fact about this company that the founder of this company is a mother and a registered nurse who wanted to create products that would be beneficial to your babies. 

I received a fitted flannel crib sheets. The one that I received was blue for a boy and it had chicks on it. It was very cute and great present for a little boy. When I received this package and took out the box. I noticed that with was wrapped in nice white tissue paper and there sticker it was very nice. This would make a great present for someone is expecting. When I felt the crib sheet I noticed that the flannel material was very soft to the touch. When my friends son used his crib he seem to like the sheet. He kept saying soft. Which was great. This is very well made and great quality. which is a must for me if I am going to use a crib sheet. The next test is would it pass the washing test. Yes it did! Make sure you follow the washing instructions. It does not require anything extra washing it. When I was done washing it. It did not lose the shape or the softness which was great. I would highly recommend this product for your babies or the ones that are on there way!. You can find their product HERE.

Make sure you enter the giveaway. Swaddle Designs are going to give one fitted sheet to Emmy Deals Reader. They will have the choice of which fitted sheet the would like! Enter Below.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Evanhealy the skin breaths Review

Blue Face Care KitI have found another product that I am quite fond of and they are called Evanhealy the skin breaths. They have a Blue Treatment Line Protocol kit that I was able to review. I was excited to try this kit out to see how I would like it. This kit contained Cleanse Blue Lavender Cleansing Milk, Tone + Hydrate Lavender Facial Tonic Hydrosol, Deep Restorative Nourishment Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum Blue, Moisturize and Protect Blue Chamomile Day Moisturizer, Exfoliate, Purify and Refine Green Tea Clay. There are five steps to this process.

The first step is the Cleanser- Blue Lavender Cleansing Milk. You can use this Blue Lavender Cleansing Milk twice a day. This is a gentle Cleanser which is what kind I have to use for my skin. This product deeply cleanses it's impurities from tiny dermal pores. What I like about this product is that it restores softness of the skin, hydrates the skin and help maintain moisture balance. You squirt a couple pumps in your hand and add warm water to the mix. Than you apply to your face and neck. After doing that rinse with warm water. I really like the Cleansing Milk. It seem to go well with my skin.

Step two is the Tone+ Hydrate Lavender Facial Tonic Hydrosol. When I read Lavender I knew I would like this step because I absolutely love Lavender. How to use this product is to mist your face with the Lavender Facial Tonic. You use this product after the Blue Lavender Cleansing Milk. You also apply this before you apply the Roseship Treatment. This helps to tone your skin, refresh your skin, hydrate your skin, and restore the pH balance to your skin. Press the hydrosol droplets into skin with your fingers.

The third step is Deep Restorative Nourishment- Roseship Treatment Facial Serum Blue. You apply Roseship Serums and Tonic Hydrosols are to be applied together. Since your skin is still damp from the sprays of the second step, rub a couple squirts of the Roseship Treatment in your skin. When I use this step I use the amount that I think I need. Some people need less and some need more it depends on the person. When you use this product make sure you use the same amount each time using it. You do not want to use 2 squirts and then next time 4 and then 1 that will mess your skin up. 

The fourth step is Moisturize and Protect- Blue Chamomile Day Moisturizer. This product give a glowing and protective layer to your skin. I used a little bit of this Moisturizer and apply to my skin. It goes on nicely and is not sticky or greasy and makes my skin feel great. 

The last step is Exfoliate, Purify and Refine- Green Tea Clay. This is a weekly clay mask treatment. The goal of the mask is to absorb toxins, dirt, dead skin, dry skin cells. This clay mask helps the metabolism and cellular turnover rate with your skin. I really enjoyed this step and it made my skin feel great.

I enjoyed this kit of natural and organic products from Evanhealy. I would recommend trying one of their kits. I like how this product comes together and comes with a sheet and goes step by step on how to use the products. This is great to have because I know that I am applying and going through the steps correctly. There is a kit for everyone. You can find their products HERE.

Upcoming Reveiw for Dormco Products

I have been given and oppurtunity to review these fleece fitted sheets from DormCo. This is a preview to see what is coming up for a review. I am very excited to share this teaser with you!. I also know that Dormco had plenty of different options for your soon to be or college student.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Simone France Facial Products Review

I know when your trying to find products to help your skin you always want to find the correct product instead of buying the wrong ones. With Simone France they go out of their way to help you find the right products for your skin. I really love that about this company. They went out of their way to find the correct products to help fix my skin flaws. After taking the facial quiz and talking with someone from their company they sent my several products to help my skin be the best it can be.

I received the following products to review and they are Simone France Soap, Simone France Rich Milk, Simone France Gentle Toner, Simone France Line Minimizer, Simone France Disposable Cleansing Cloths, Simone France Lovely Glow, Simone France Refining Scrub.

Simone France Soap The Simone France Soap I enjoyed a lot. This is 100 percent organic French milled bar. This is a 4.5 ounce bar. When I use soap it always tends to dry out my skin and cause irritation. Simone France's Soap has found a method to have a great cleansing soap that does not dry out your skin or leave it irritated. Also I love how this soap is unscented which is a plus. This is not just soap and water. This is the est possible cleaning agent for your skin. Another great plus about this product is I always have a hard getting soap to lather. When I use this product it lathers quite nicely and it does not become and issue. I fell in love with this soap and I know you will to. 

Simone France Signature Cleansing ClothsThe next product on the list is Simone France Disposable Cleansing Cloths. When I use Cleansing Clothes I can never find the best one or one that will not break out my skin. I instantly fell in love with Simone France Disposable Cleansing Cloths and they did not break my skin out at all which is one of main reasons I fell in love. If you are wondering their is nothing on this cleansing cloth. These are dry clothes, what makes them special is their texture and their absorbency. This product goes will with the Sandwich morning cleansing routine and touch and glow evening cleansing routine. These are a definite must have during your beauty routine. I do not know what I would do without this product. 

Simone France Refining ScrubThe Refining Scrub is the next product on our list. What I like about this product is that you only add water. You add enough water to create the right texture for you. Everyone is different so you will not have the same consistency. I could not believe how soft my skin was after using this product. It was amazing. My face felt soft and hydrated and fresh. Which is a feeling that I do not feel often and was a great feeling to have. I felt great right after using this product which is another rare feeling to have. Usually you have to wait after several applications of a product to feel or see a difference. This is not the case with this product. When you use the refining scrub it melts as you add more water if you were wondering. This helps provide a gentle exfoliation for your sensitive skin which I have. There are some exfoliates that are way to ruff and irritate my skin. Simone France has just the right product to not cause the irritation which is great. I would highly recommend the Refining Scrub by Simone France. 

Simone France Rich MilkSimone France Rich Milk is a fantastic product and would be a product that you would also enjoy. I absolutely loved this product. This product was great on my skin. It was a rich and creamy texture mixture. What I like about this product that it is not harsh and it gently dissolves make up and daily impurities. I really enjoy that because I am always worried that something is left on my skin that is not good for it. This helps remove anything that should not be on your face which is nice. Also another great feature for this product you can use this as a eye makeup remover which is a major plus. This has a nice fresh scent to it. I enjoy this scent not to overpowering which is nice. I would also add this product to your list.  

Simone France Gentle TonerThe next product is the Gentle Toner. I enjoy this Gentle Toner. It is not harsh on your skin at all and is very gentle. That is an important factor to because I have stated many times my skin tends to break out a lot. This helps remove any traces of cleansing milk that is left behind. Also helps removes excess oil or impurities. This also helps cleans and tones your pores. Which is something I need very badly. This is a great product to have on hand.

Simone France Line Minimizer 
Another great product that I was able to try was the Simone France Line Minimizer. This product is for any kind of skin type that you can imagine. This treatment is super rich oil that is good for majority of your body. This product is good for every skin and will not irritate or breakout your skin. This product is 100 percent. This is also helps minimizes the appearance of fine lines, soothes irritations, calms redness, alleviates dryness. This also could be used to heal diaper rash so it nice to have on hand. Men also can use this product under shaving cream for an ultra close shave. I would recommend this product to have in your house. 

Simone France Lovely GlowThe last product is Lovely Glow. When I first saw the title of this product I thought it sounded interesting. This product is a cornucopia of and organic plant extracts and essential vitamins. This is anti aging product that I absolutely love. This gives your skin a great glow that I fell in love with. This helps keeps your skin healthy and it helped replenish the moisture and softness to my face. This is a great product to have in your makeup drawer. 

I have reviewed Simone France before and loved their products. Although I have not tried their facial products until now. I would highly recommend this product to all skin types. I was highly impressed with the improvements that I seen with my skin and would say I would use these product again. You can find more information HERE.

CeraVe Review

I have always had a rough time with my skin. My hands are always dry and and they tend to crack. I found a company that in 2005 researches in U.S. partnered with leading dermatologists to develop a line of skin care products. That line is called CeraVe. This line of products are targeted to help repair and strengthen the skin barrier. Which is exactly want I need help with that. What I found interesting is that CeraVe is the first brand to contain the essential ceramides, cholesterol and fatty esters that a person skin need to keep their skin healthy. I do suffer from Eczema so I am always looking for products that will help me skin due having Eczema. CeraVe now has a full line of products that are recommend for face and body to address those issues. 

I am very excited when I was able to review several products from CeraVe. I have not heard of them before and when I did I was excited to see if they products would help me skin. The first Product that I tried for CeraVe was the Renewing SA Cream. This helps repair and restore extremely dry, rough and bumpy skin. This product contains salicylic acid, ammonium lactate, ceramide hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin D Formula. This product is to help the skin barrier and also help prevent and reduce the redness of skin. I have a huge problem with my skin having that irritating red skin. When I applied this cream it absorbed in my skin very fast. It also had no fragrance to this cream which was very nice. Also my skin did not feel sticky nor greasy after applying the cream. It left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I would highly recommend CeraVe Renewing SA Cream.

The next product that I was able to review was CeraVe Moisturizing lotion. This product can be used for the body or facial area. This will help hydrate and nourish your skin. This is a soothing formula that is not harsh. This contains ceramides, hyaluronic acid, fatty acid esters, glycerin and water. This product helps protect your skin barrier and helps restore and maintain that healthy moisture for your skin. When I tried this lotion I was impressed with they lightweight of the lotion. When I applied the lotion on my skin it did not have a smell to it and absorb in my skin quite nicely. This did not leave a greasy or sticky feeling after applying this lotion. My skin felt silky and smooth after applying this lotion which felt great.

The next product that I tried was the CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM with SPF30.  This is the first CeraVe daytime moisturizing lotion made specifically for your face. What I like about this lotion it does not just help restore and maintain your skin barrier. It also protects your skin from the sun. This product has micronized zinc oxide and other broad spectrum sunscreen. I really like the fact that I can use a lotion for my skin or face and it has SPF30 in it. Then I do not have to worry about being outside. That I know my skin is going to look great and feel great. I like how this lotion feels light weight and non sticky or greasy feeling. I would highly recommend this lotion.

The last product that I tried was CeraVe Facial Moisturizing lotion PM. This is the first nighttime moisturizing lotion made specifically for the face. This product helps restore and maintain it natural protective function all night long. This product has ceramide, hyaluronic acid and phytosphingosine formula. I really like this lotion for nights. I clean my face and than apply this lotion. It feels great and non sticky or greasy. It absorbs great in my skin. It also help my skin feel great when I wake up also. My skin looks great and fresh in the morning after this lotion. I would highly recommend CeraVe Facial Moisturizing lotion PM.

I am very impressed with the products that I received from CeraVe products. I have never heard of these products before this review. I am glad that I came upon these products because they are great. If you have rough skin, bumpy skin or eczema I would highly recommend these products for you. You can find these products HERE.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pampers Kandoo Products Review and Giveaway

When I came across Pampers Kandoo was I was intrigued because I have never heard of this line before. Although I am a huge fan of Pampers and that is what I use in my household. I was pretty surprised that I have not heard of Pampers Kandoo. Pampers Kandoo are the makers of a new line of Kid Friendly products. Which are Shampoo, Body Wash and Hand Sanitizer. This is helped designed to help children help be able to clean their self on their own. What I love about Kandoo is that they make the products kid friendly and have fun characters on their items. I know my son son likes it and it helps him want to do things on his own.

We had the opportunity to review two items from Kandoo Products. They are Pampers Kandoo Foaming Hand Sanitizer and their Kandoo wipes. This is perfect time for these product to be in my home due to the cold and flu season. My daughter an illness and we have to prevent germs in our home. This is a perfect solution. I put the hand sanitizer and wipes in the bathroom. I am amazed on how my children love using these products and actually have fun with it. If i put other products for them to use while going to the bathroom they would not use them. They like the fun colors and characters. I would highly recommend these fun products for your children. You can find them at

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Shutterfly 20 Credit Giveaway

I received a 20 dollar credit through email from Shutterfly. i will not be using it so I will be giving it away to a lucky reader. Flash giveaway enter below a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, February 22, 2013

Boogie Wipes Review and Giveaway

Well it is that time of the season where there are a lot of colds and the flu. I know in my house it seems like my kids are always having a runny nose. My daughter is the worst it seems like she always has a messy and sore nose. I hate using Kleenex because it seems to make her nose even more sore. It is always a fight with my daughter and it seems like I can never get near her nose. When I saw this product I knew that I had to try and review this product to see if it would help my daughter.
I received two pack of Boogie Wipes for review. They came come in two scents Grape and a Clean Scent which both are not two strong but smell great. These boogie wipes are made with natural saline that are gentle for your stuffy noses. Well today was the true test my daughter nose was runny and it was dried around her nose. So I took out the grape boogie wiped and tried it on her nose. She actually let me get near her face and let me do it. It was gentle and she did not fight me at all and it cleaned her face up right away. I was quite impressed of the boogie wipe and it also smelled great. She even took a new wipe and was smelling it. It was very cute. Also I would use the for on the go. I know when we eat out it seems like my daughter face is a mess afterwards and there is nothing to clean her face. I usually have to go in the bathroom and wash her face with a paper tows. With these boogie wipes they are a huge help when you go to a restaurant to clean your child face. Also they are very gentle on their faces. I would highly recommend boogie wipes to any parent that has children. This is a great product. You can find their products HERE


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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jack Franklin Ties Review

When it come to ties my dad tries to find the best tie's out there that look the best. Since my dad is at a new job he tries to look his best. Wearing a tie everyday is a must when you are in sales. I have been looking around for decent ties that look good and great quality. I found a great site that has a great variety of ties at Here is a little background about Jack Franklin ties. Jack Franklin ties was born after years of paying way to much for high quality ties. Where my dad was having the problem is he could not afford the 100 to 200 hundred dollar ties that are great quality. Where the ties that where under 100 seemed to be not the best quality. Jack Franklin ties goal is to provide the highest quality tie for the lowest price. What I also thought was very interesting with their company is they have quality guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their products they will return from day one or three years from now. They back their ties 100 percent.

My dad was very impressed the tie that I received for review. He seemed to like it the best out of all the other ties that he owns. He really thought the design was very classy and perfect for his job. He checked out the tie and said it was great quality and he was very impressed. When he wore it for the first time he said he had gotten a lot of complements from the tie he wore to work. He said he inspected the tie and when he said this I laughed at him. He said no strings fraying or nothing ripped when he put it on. He said he would highly recommend this tie to any business men. He said they look classy and a great work tie. You can find these ties at

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Glow Bug Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway

When it comes to my daughter in diapers it is hard to find them that fit her right or a brand that will not break her out. There are not many options for potty training right now and all diapers seems to break her out. I have been always wondering about cloth diapers but have not wanted to spend the money for cloth diapers an not like them. When I came across the site Glow Bug I was intrigued in their cloth diapers. Not only where these cloth diapers cute they looked like great quality. That is when I knew I had to try one of these on my daughter to see if they would help her from breaking out with the diapers. I received one of these cloth diapers for review. When I took this diaper out of the package I noticed how cute the design was. Than I was impressed on how many snaps there where on this diaper. I have found that this is very handy and this diaper will grow with your baby. Also It helps my problem where it becomes the perfect fit for my daughter. If you see my daughter now the diaper fits odd and looks baggy when it complexly dry. This cloth diaper makes her looks normal and does not make her look awkward at all. I was highly amazed on how soft the inside of the cloth diaper was and also the liner. When I tried my daughter in this her rashes form the diapers seem to vanish. This was truly better for my daughter and that was truly made me fall in love with Glow Bug. Nothing seemed to help my daughters skin except Glow Baby. If you want to find out more information or find there great deals on their cloth diapers check them out HERE a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

SnapSac Review and Giveaway

I have been trying to find the best bag ever. I have found a great bag that can be used for almost anything and that is called SnapSac. When I visited their website I was amazed by the variety and how nice these SnapSac looked. When I first saw a picture of the SnapSac I thought they where kind of small. When I received my Mega Tote in the mail I was amazed on how huge this bag was. My two year old daughter could fit in this bag that is how big it is. I have been trying to find a bag that could fit laundry, toys and groceries in a bag and I have found my bag. There are times when I go to Sams Club and I have nothing to put my groceries in. The mega tote by snapsac is the answer to my problems. 

When I received my Mega Tote for review I was completely impressed. I like how the bag was folded up when it was not in use. This is a nice factor because it does not take up a lot of room and I can take it about just anywhere I go. I also like how SnapSac also offers GroceryTotes, MegaTotes and SuperTotes. It depends what you are looking to use it for. The MegaTote that I received is fully lined, it is also made with NWPP fabric and is 35 percent thicker than average bag material. What I also like about this bag if you get it dirty it is machine washable. When you open the bag it is huge and can hold a lot of groceries. It also has handles that can handle the weight. That was one of my major concerns that i would not be able to handle the weight. Also inside of the bag there is a compartment where you can put your change, reciepts or information. I would highly recommend these totes for everyday use if you do not have them already you must go check them out!

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THROXS Review and Giveaway

I have been having that issue of the "Missing Sock". I know most of you have had that issue before. I love how you put your socks in the was and dryer and the dryer magically eats your socks. Well I have not had that trouble for awhile. I am having a trouble with a two and five year old thinking it is funny hiding them on me or my five year old misplaces them all the time. I end up getting frustrated because I can not find the pair and feel like I either have to throw them out or go out and buy new socks.

Well I came across a site called THROX they have solved my issue for the missing sock. Edwin Heaven is the creator of THROX and he came up with the greatest solution for the missing sock. It is one of those ideas where after you hear about it, you think why did I not think of that. What is THROXS you make ask? I will not leave you in suspense any longer. THROX are sets of socks that is right they do not come in a pair they come in set of three. You do no even have to worry about the prices of these socks where they are your average price of your average pair of socks. When I heard about this concept I was amazed and the perfect solution for my kids. It come with three socks so if you lose one of the socks you do not have to throw that sock away just get the third sock and you have your pair again. I love this concept and comes in handy with my five year old. We just keep the spare in the drawer and when we misplace or loose one of the socks we go and get the spare sock. I also love how my son loves these socks and say they are very comfortable. They also have a great selection of colors and prints. They are fun socks for your kids or even your self. You have to check their site out at

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Kids Wall Decals By Dizign with a Z

My son is in that stage where he doe not want to be in his room. I have been thinking of many options to make his room fun and him wanting to be in it. I have thought about adding wall decals to make it more fun and friendly. I was looking at the site called Dezign with a Z. I was looking for something friendly for kids rooms. I noticed when I was on their site they had a great selection and I had a hard time selecting a certain item. Their customer service was a huge help and helped through my decision which was really nice. 
I received to decals sets for my son room. One was a tree with monkey's hanging from a tree. I enjoyed this one and this was very east to apply on the wall. This decal you just stuck on the wall and used there rub card to rub the decal off on the wall. That decal took less than five minutes to put up on his wall and it looked great. I like how it was simple and easy and did not take a lot of time to put up. 

The second Wall Decal set that I received was a sea animal set. This came with bubbles, seaweed, choral, lobster, 2 fish, whale, jelly fish and a sting ray. My son really like this set. This is was a little more creative where I could put this any where on the wall and put them where I wanted. There where many opportunities and choices to put them. I liked how my son really got into this one and helped. He also told me where he wanted to place each sea creature. Then we had fun putting the bubbles be each one. i really like how this one turned out. It was easy to apply and took about 20-30 mins to do the whole thing. 
I would highly recommend this site overall. They have a great selection and great quality of products. The two decals I received at The customer service was amazing and they where very friendly and helped with decisions. I also noticed that this time with the decals I received directions. Which was nice because if you have never done this before it would be nice knowing what to do and how to apply. I would definitely do business with them and recommend them to my follow readers. You can check them out at



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