Partida's Tequila

Christmas is just around the corner and then New Years. I always try to find the best Tequila I can find to bring in the New Years with. I came across a wonderful site that brought my attention and that site is Partida Tequila. Their website states: " Tequila Partida is the world's top-rated premium tequila made from 100% estate-grown blue agave. I usually do not drink alcohol beverages only on special holiday's and occasions. 

I was able to review two bottles of Tequila Blanco. This brand of Tequila is not aged and what it typically used for is shots and margaritas. I am personally getting to old for shots, so I am more of a Margarita girl. Let me tell you that is one of my favorite drinks if you have the right alcohol added in it. What a fun fact I learned was if you want to sip Tequila which is what you are suppose to do. You would go for the darker Tequila due to that would taste better. When I first tasted the Blanco it did not have much of a taste to it which was not a bad thing. It was a great Tequila where you could make a Margarita with it. I was very happy with the turn out of the Margarita that I have made. I am very excited to drink my second bottle of Blanco for New Years. If you are looking for a great Tequila for your Christmas Parties, girl nights out, or New Years Party I would recommend trying Partida's Tequila and you will not be disappointed. You can find their products at


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