BumBoosa Bambo Review and Giveaway

When it comes to my two year old I try to find the best quality products for her. I know that every parents wants to know what is the best for their child. Well I came across a wonderful site call Bumboosa Bamboo. I know that I have never heard of them before.  Bum Boosa's products are gentle and safe for your little one. Their products are 100 percent tree free option and their products are made with 100 percent sustainable resources. They use 100 percent and smooth bamboo. When I read that I was kind of hesitant because I did not think of bamboo being soft and smooth. Also bamboo can grow faster than trees can.

I was able to try several products from BumBoosa and they are Baby Wipes, Flushable Diaper Liners, Bathroom Tissue. The first product that I tried was the baby wipes. I usually have to be very careful when it comes to use baby wipes on my daughter. She tends to break out from the chemicals from the baby wipes. When I read that Bum Boosa Baby Wipes are hypo allergenic, non synthetic, tree free product made from highly renewable bamboo. I was pretty impressed and eager to try them. When I tried them on my daughter I noticed how soft they where and gentle on her skin. There were not breakouts after using them on her skin. Which was a great sign to see.  These wipes are a keeper in my book.

Than I was able to review the Flushable Diaper Liners. My friend used these for her son since I was not able to review them on my children. She said that they where nice and easy to use. You tear off a liner and put it in the cloth diaper. So when they wet the majority of it will go on the pad so the cloth diaper may last a little longer and get more use out of it. I also like how this product did not irritate him in any way. Also another great feature about this product that after s has been used you can flush it down your toilet. Which makes it so much easier and easier to clean up.

The last product that I reviewed was the bathroom tissue. Their tissue is made from 100 percent bamboo and processed through using their mechanical pulping method. This product is tree free, bio friendly, hypo allergenic, BPA free and elemental chlorine free. I really enjoyed this bathroom tissue. It was very soft and since I have sensitive skin I tend to break out at time. This bathroom tissue does not irritate my skin at all. I would highly recommend this product. 

I would recommend all three products. I enjoyed trying reviewing these items. Sometimes the best items are the ones that you never heard about. I wish I knew about these products sooner because I would have uses them on my daughter when she was younger. You can find more about there products at http://bumboosabambooproducts.com/index.php/our-products/

Also BumBoosa Bamboo has agreed to have a giveaway for our readers. They have offered a coupon code for our readers and the code is NEWFRIEND and the value of the coupon is 18 percent off. Also they are giving one reader 3 packs of wipes, 3 rolls of bathroom tissue and 1 pack of diaper liners. Bumboosa Bamboo is responsible for the prize and shipping.

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  1. I would love to try all of them lol

  2. Bamboo toilet paper, who would have ever thought?

  3. I'd like to try the bathroom tissue.

  4. I'd like to try the toilet tissue. I'm very curious!
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  5. the toilet paper..because it's bamboo?!

  6. I am a nanny to a six month old who brakes out on his bottom... i think these wipes may up his ally!!!

  7. Those wipes look awesome! it terrifies me as to whats in baby wipes that they dont have to put on the label

  8. The Bum Boosa® Bamboo Baby Wipes look soothing.

  9. I would love them all but wipes are great for messy boys.

  10. Deccan the wipes but I would like to try them all I have a new baby on the way :)

  11. I'm interested in the diaper liner!

  12. I think that the wipes would be great for my son. He hasn't quite mastered regular toilet paper yet. lol. Lots if icky laundry,



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