Glow Bug Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway

When it comes to my daughter in diapers it is hard to find them that fit her right or a brand that will not break her out. There are not many options for potty training right now and all diapers seems to break her out. I have been always wondering about cloth diapers but have not wanted to spend the money for cloth diapers an not like them. When I came across the site Glow Bug I was intrigued in their cloth diapers. Not only where these cloth diapers cute they looked like great quality. That is when I knew I had to try one of these on my daughter to see if they would help her from breaking out with the diapers. I received one of these cloth diapers for review. When I took this diaper out of the package I noticed how cute the design was. Than I was impressed on how many snaps there where on this diaper. I have found that this is very handy and this diaper will grow with your baby. Also It helps my problem where it becomes the perfect fit for my daughter. If you see my daughter now the diaper fits odd and looks baggy when it complexly dry. This cloth diaper makes her looks normal and does not make her look awkward at all. I was highly amazed on how soft the inside of the cloth diaper was and also the liner. When I tried my daughter in this her rashes form the diapers seem to vanish. This was truly better for my daughter and that was truly made me fall in love with Glow Bug. Nothing seemed to help my daughters skin except Glow Baby. If you want to find out more information or find there great deals on their cloth diapers check them out HERE a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. The argyle is too cute!

  2. Argyle! From the boy collection
    -patricia barnes-

  3. I like the dahlias print in the girls collection.

  4. I love the dahlia print in the girls collection.

  5. I like all the styles in the Glow Bug Girl Package these would be awesome, how cute


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