Magic Cabin Bunny Purse Review and Giveaway

I have found the cutest accessory this year for Easter and it is a Plush Easter Purse from Magic Cabin. This would be perfect for any little girl out there. This would also make a great first purse for your little one. This is made of soft  cotton sherpa and it is also machine washable. This Plush Purse come in two options Bunny or Ducky. This is for children age 2 and up. 

I received a Plush Bunny Purse for review. I was very excited to receive this Plush Bunny Purse this year due to my daughter is getting in that diva stage. She is starting to play with purses and put things in them during play time. When I received the Plush Bunny Purse it is a lot cuter in person than pictures. When I took the purse out of package the purse was very soft to the touch. The purse sizes is 5-1/2" diameter. The front side of the purse it has a face of a bunny. Eyes, nose, and mouth. I really like the floppy ears are on the side of the purse. They also have the soft material on on the ears also. One side of the ear is fluffy and the other side is smooth pink. This purse also has a soft pink handle on it. This makes it easy for your little one to hold on to and bring anywhere with her. Also the zipper to the purse has a zipper pull. I think this is my favorite part of the purse. The zipper pull has a carrot attached to it. This makes it easy to open the purse. This is where my daughter has trouble with purses. It is hard for her to open it and then she gets frustrated. With this purse she does not get frustrated with it and she has a lot fun.

When my daughter saw this purse for the first time she grabbed it and went over on the couch. She looked over at me and so no more mommy all mine. She played with this purse all day and would not let me see it at all. When we even went to the store she had to bring it with her and she had to put a couple of her things in her purse also. My daughter also liked playing with the bunnies ears and the carrot. She could easily pull the zipper open and close. I would highly recommend this Bunny or Ducky purse for your little girl for Easter. You find the bunny or ducky purse HERE.

Magic Cabin and agreed to give one Purse to a lucky reader on Emmy's Deals Enter Below to enter usa only.

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  1. This is so cute, love the review

  2. Not really a "doll" > but the precious moments statuette my grandma gave me for my sweet sixteen

  3. I like the duck and think that is one my daughter would chose also, but sometimes she doesn't always pick what mom does! Good review...your daughter must be a girly-girl like mine.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Bunny all the way! - Julie B.

  6. My daughter would like the bunny.

  7. I love both of these but I would have to go with the bunny - thanks for a chance to win. My granddaughter would love either one.

  8. duck or bunny, just too hard to choose

  9. Duck :) Thanks for a great giveaway!


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