SnapSac Review and Giveaway

I have been trying to find the best bag ever. I have found a great bag that can be used for almost anything and that is called SnapSac. When I visited their website I was amazed by the variety and how nice these SnapSac looked. When I first saw a picture of the SnapSac I thought they where kind of small. When I received my Mega Tote in the mail I was amazed on how huge this bag was. My two year old daughter could fit in this bag that is how big it is. I have been trying to find a bag that could fit laundry, toys and groceries in a bag and I have found my bag. There are times when I go to Sams Club and I have nothing to put my groceries in. The mega tote by snapsac is the answer to my problems. 

When I received my Mega Tote for review I was completely impressed. I like how the bag was folded up when it was not in use. This is a nice factor because it does not take up a lot of room and I can take it about just anywhere I go. I also like how SnapSac also offers GroceryTotes, MegaTotes and SuperTotes. It depends what you are looking to use it for. The MegaTote that I received is fully lined, it is also made with NWPP fabric and is 35 percent thicker than average bag material. What I also like about this bag if you get it dirty it is machine washable. When you open the bag it is huge and can hold a lot of groceries. It also has handles that can handle the weight. That was one of my major concerns that i would not be able to handle the weight. Also inside of the bag there is a compartment where you can put your change, reciepts or information. I would highly recommend these totes for everyday use if you do not have them already you must go check them out!

SnapSac is offering one lucky reader a full set of Ain't it Sweet Collection including GroceryTote, SuperTote and MegaTote to one lucky reader. Enter Below


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  1. I would like the pink. As a girl I was a tom boy and wore no pinks , purple ,blues but green I liked. Now at my age I love pinks and bright

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  3. Blue! Thanks so much for the great giveaway! :)

  4. I would like the blue set, please. It is my favorite color. Thanks for the giveaway!
    (Lauren Rochon in the Rafflecopter)

  5. Blue color looks nice and so does pink--love the bags! I guess if I have to choose, I choose blue.

  6. Totally BLUE :) LOVE Blue.. Blue is the color of my favorite teams :)

  7. I think I would like the blue. Love this!

  8. well all i saw was cool grey and violet and such... but if i had to choose between blue and pink, i'd choose the blue. thanks for the opportunity :-)

  9. Either color is good.

  10. Blue, then one could be my son's diaper bag


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