Un Block Review and Giveaway

My four year old loves to build with blocks or anything that he can come up with. One of his favorite toy are blocks and he likes to build. One of the biggest downfalls for him is when he builds with his blocks they tend to fall down at times. That is where he gets frustrated. I came across a product called The Un-Block. This type of block unlocks your imagination with revolutionary building block system. Their blocks are interlocking which is great for younger and older children. Un-Block encourages imagination, creativity, promotes sensory exploration, improve gross motor skill and challenge the pathways your mind relays information. This product was handcrafted in the USA.

I received this product for review. When this product came in the mail my son was super excited to try it out. When we took the blocks out of the box he raced over and took them to the table. He sat down and he started to build. For hours he would play with them and create new things. There where no wrong way to put them together. Sometimes I am afraid when it comes to blocks are they going to be rough. Every block was very smooth and no issues. Another issue that I thought I may have is that these block are interchangeable. My thoughts where would it be easy to slide them in out? The blocks where not hard to change or to loose. Which that was great because sometimes that can be a major frustration with my son. When he wants to build he wants to build. He does not want any complications or distraction. I would say that they blocks are high quality and a great investment. If you have a young child I would highly recommend making and investment in the blocks. You can find their products and their different size block sets at http://www.theun-block.com/whats-the-un-block.html

Un block has given a reader an oppurtunity a chance to win one of these amazing sets!!

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  1. I love the Un-block 110-piece Set. It would be perfect for both my kids to sit down and have fun building together.

  2. Oh my gosh, Aly Woudl love these!!!

  3. The bigger the set the better!!! My son loves building and always wants more so this would be fantastic!

  4. Bigger is always better, so i like the 110 piece unblock set.

  5. they look like something my daughter would love.

  6. Oh! I know lots of little one who would like these!

  7. i would get the biggest set, all 4 of my kids would love this!

  8. I would like the Un-block 50-piece Set

  9. The 110 piece set would be awesome too! :)



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