City Cosemtics Review

Have you wondered what it is like to have fuller and longer eyelashes? There are time when I go to a party or going out I wish my eye lashes were a tad bit longer. I was one of those girls who did not want to mess with the fake eyelashes and the hassle of that. When I found out there was a solution for me that would help my eyelashes become fuller and longer I was excited that I would be able to try it. When City Cosmetics asked me to try their product City Lash I was very excited to learn more about this product and try this product. 
I received two City Lash's for review. I reviewed one and will be giving one away to one of our lucky readers. When I received this product I did not know what I was in for. I have never tried a product like this before. This bottle that this product comes in reminds me of a lip gloss container. It is a 4ml/.14 oz bottle. The bottle contents is a clear liquid. There is no smell to this product at all.  City Lash has been a proven product that it will increase your lash line by up to 70 percent. The reason why this product is so affective is that City Lash uses the potent Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 as their main active ingredient in their product. After many researched tests there average increment in lash line is between 54 percent and 72 percent. What CITY Lash's goals are that they have a unique exclusive formula that will stimulates your eyelash growth and extend the natural life cycle of your lashes. This product is 100 percent safe and not tested on any animals. I have sensitive skin and eyes so I thought this may cause a problem. It was not a harsh substance and there was no reaction and it passed the sensitive skin test. If you were wondering CITY lash does not have any paraben or prostaglandin in their products. 

When I first tried this product I was nervous because I have never use a product like this before. I made sure I read all the information before I used this product. You can use this specific product for eye lashes or to thicken up your eye brows. When I applied this product to my eye lashes I applied it once a day on clean dry skin. I applied it at the base of my upper eyelashes and allowed to dry for several minutes. After this step you can go right on to applying your normal makeup. It was easy and fast. After doing this for the first time the nervousness has left. Do not apply this to your lower eye lash. You can use this product once a day or twice a day. If you use it once a day it will slow the process results. I have not seen a huge difference yet although I seen a little difference. The reason why is you have to let this product work for 2 weeks or longer to see a huge difference. I will update you in 2 weeks and then 4 weeks on this product. So far I would highly recommend it. It is easy and safe and I have seen a slight difference.

CITY Lash given me and extra product to giveaway. USA only enter below to enter a chance to win your own CITY LASH retails for 79.99.

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  1. I would love to try this. I have short lashes that really could get a makeover.

  2. I would love to try this. I have short lashes that really could get a makeover.

  3. Mine are short and not pretty at all.

  4. Since i have gotten older it seems my lashes look thinner and I would love to try this!

  5. ~Awesome if it works...kepp us posted~

  6. You never tell us if it actually works!

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  8. I wear contact lenses and my eyes are extremely sensitive I tried City Lash for two days and my eyes are so sensitive to light of any kind now I wonder if I should continue using it? I went to a friend's party who had a fireworks show last night and had trouble enjoying it because the lights were so bright all my eyes wanted to do was water or stay shut.....can anyone tell me if they've experienced the same?


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