Thredup Review and Giveaway

I know spring is coming up and the first thought that crosses my mind is that I need to find spring/summer clothes for my five and two year old. It seems like my kids barely make it through one season before they outgrow what they are wearing. I will be honest there are times where I get frustrated and not want to pay the full price for clothing because I know my children will outgrow them fast. I found a great online company called Thredup. Thredup is a gently used clothing. I was not to aware with Thredup until now. 

I was able to receive a 20 dollar credit to shop at Thredup. What I like about Thredup is that they have a wide variety of sizes for boy and girls. Also the selection of their clothing is name brand and gentle or brand new. I spent hours looking through clothes. When I went through the dress there was over 200 pages of dress. I was able to buy three dress's from Thredup for $20 dollars. One of the dress that I bought will be for Easter and that was $10 and it was brand new. Then I bought to summer dress's. It was easy to place the order and I received the items quite fast. When I received the package I was excited to open up to see the dress's that I picked out. They where package very nicely with tissue over the dress's. I was quite suprised with the quality. They where all nice and not wrinkled. Also they smelt clean which is a major plus. I know I could not find this deal anywhere else. Thredup also sent me a enevlope where I can send gently used close to them. I do not have to pay any money to have my clothing sent to them. They look through what I send and they will offer me a credit where I can use it at their store or transfer it to paypal which is nice.

Overall I really like the concept of Thredup. I do not have to waste my time driving everywhere. I can just get on my computer and look through and buy and it will be sent to my house. Also I can send gently used clothing to them and gain a credit where I can turn around and buy new or gently used clothing for my children. You can find their clothing HERE.

Also Thredup is offering a 20 dollar credit and free shipping to one lucky reader at Emmy Deals. They will responsible for supplying the credit.

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  1. I like my lashes...I dont use mascara due to contacts, but that's ok.

  2. I would get clothes for my 3yo son. His twin sister gets plenty of hand-me-downs from my 7yo, but there are no other boys in the family so he gets left out.

  3. Clothes for my nephew's newborn child

  4. Can I borrow your idea of buying Easter dress? I can't stand paying full price for something they will only wear once or twice.

  5. I would get some clothes for my niece.

  6. i have ordered from them and they are awesome! i have 4 kiddos so i would buy some stuff from them! :)

  7. I would get beautiful dresses for my baby girl

  8. I would love to get some Great clothes (Spring & Summer)for my beautiful 16 month & 4 year old Grandson's!

    Thanks so much!

  9. Brooks Brothers red skirt, Carters black and white skirt and Jerry Leigh Girl skirt. All size 6.
    Wow! what great prices.

  10. 35% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on Your First Purchase at Use Code: KPC35 through 6/30/13.


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