Friday, December 20, 2013

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Adveture DVD Review

My daughter was super excited when I told her that there was a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD that recently came out. My daughter is one of the hugest Mickey Mouse fan. We watch on of their DVD's daily! We were excited when we were give a chance to review Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Adventure DVD. I knew that this would be a hit or my daughter, but was not sure if my son would like it.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Super Adventure DVD also came with a pack of superhero cards that feature your favorite superheros. The superhero cards featured Wonder Minnie, Super Mickey, Super Power, Pup and other favorites. This DVD is a super hero theme and carries through the full length feature on this DVD. In this DVD has Super Mickey, Wonder Minnie, Power PUP, Super Goof, Dynamo Duck and Upsy-Diasy. The heros are on a mission to stop Power Pants Pete and criminal mastermind Megamort from shrinking everything in sight. By sticking together and working as a team will the be able to defeat Power Pants Pete and Megamort?

You have to watch and find out. I was quite surprised that both of my children enjoyed this movie. My daughter loved this movie because it was Mickey. My son like the superhero part of the movie. Which is a great in our household because my children can never agree on a movie. Super Adventure is overall a great DVD for children. It is fun, wholesome and adventurous for your children. I would highly recommend this movie for family night and for the holidays.

This movie released on December 3 and you can find it at your local store or on

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