Adidas Natural Vitality Body Spray Review

I know as a mom I am always on the go. You have probably seen in recent posts that I am always talking about how I seem to be in a rush and on the go. I have found a great product for moms, women who like to work out or anyone who find them self in a jam. Sometimes in the summer when I am outside or working out I get all sweaty and I can not get washed up. I have the product that will help you in those situations.

Adidas has recently came out with Adidas Women Body Sprays. This spray comes in a 4 oz can. This spray bottle can easily fit in your duffle bag or purse for those emergency's. I know at time I am debating to take spray bottles like this in my duffle bag or purse because I do not want an un-expectant explosion in my bag. I hate when that happens. When looking over this bottle it seems like there would not be any unexpected messes. The cap fits tightly on the bottle. 

When trying this product I was very fond of the scent. It was a light feminine scent to it. This body spray will last 24 hours. Which when I tried it, it lasted a long time. I am not sure if it would last 24 hours. I did not have to re-apply the product though. When using this product make sure you shake and hold 6 inches away from your body when spraying.

My overall thoughts are that I am impressed. This would be a great product for women who are working out or everyday moms. This product would also be good for young teens and teens. This product would be a great product to use after gym class. The price is pretty decent for this product also. I know I am going to be keeping one of these in my purse for on the go. You can find Adidas Women Body Spray at your local retailer.


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