Thursday, October 11, 2018

Loving Pets Review

In our family we have two dogs named Penny and Lucy and they're our everything. We consider them a part of the family and of course we want the best for them. Penny and Lucy love their treats and they always know how to ask for them. Our Penny dog likes to sit in front of you and paw at something that near her to get your attention.

Loving Pets offer a variety of dog treats and they were made in the USA. They are Totally Grainless dog treats are grain free, gluten free, wheat free and corn free. Totally Grainless is available in three categories of treats: Dental, Meaty Chew Bones, Sausage Bites. 

Loving Pets sent Penny and Lucy a treat box that contained 6 bags of treats inside. 

The first bag that we took out of the box was Totally Grainless Meaty Chew Bones- Beef and Sweet Potato Recipe. This bag retails for 5.99. This treat comes in a 6 oz bag. They do have three different bag for small, medium and large dogs. Of course received the treats for small dog. This dog treat is Totally Grainless meaty chew bones that offer your pet 2 flavors in one treat. This treat has a harder outside layer with a softer, tasty center that your pet will love. This Will provides hours of enjoyment while massaging your pets gums.

The second bag that we received for our dogs were Totally Grainless Sausage Bites - Beef Stew Recipe. This package also retails for 5.99. This package is 6 oz and is for all size dogs. This treat is a beef stew recipe sausages bites are a soft chew treat that's perfect for adult and senior dogs of any size. These sausage bites are 100% grain, wheat, gluten and corn free. These treats are on the smaller size that make them the perfect reward for you pet. Penny seems to love this treat she keeps trying to get back in the package and sits in front of me trying to paw at me to receive another one. I would say that this treat passes the dog test.

The next treat up for review is Totally Grainless Sausage Bites-Chicken and Cranberry Recipe. This retails for 5.99 This also comes in a 6 oz bag and is for all size dogs. This is similar to the Beef Stew Recipe but this is the Chicken version. I would say that this would be Lucy favorite one. She seems to vaporize this treat within seconds. I would definitely say that it is dog approved!!

The next treat that we review was their Totally Grainless Dental Care- Chicken and peanut butter recipe. This bag retails for 5.99. The bag was 6 oz and this treat has two different bags. The two bags are toy/small and medium/large dogs. Totally Grainless Chicken Peanut and Butter Dental Care treats unique pinwheel shape helps mechanically clean your pets teeth. It helps remove their tarter and massage their gums better than other dental treats that are around. Another difference is that they are great tasting and your pet will love them. You can use these treats up to 5 days a week to help maintain your dogs dental health. 

The next treat is their Totally Grainless Dental Care Fresh Breath Mint Recipe. This bag retails for about 5.99 and is in a 6 oz bags. These treats have two separate bags one for toy/small dogs and the other is medium/large dogs.  These treats also help your dogs teeth and are the same as the treat above but different flavors. 

The next treat is Totally Grainless Meaty Chew Bones Chicken and Apple recipe. This retails for about 5.99 and comes in 6 oz bags. They also come in small, medium and large dogs. This meaty chew bones offer your pet 2 flavors in one treat. Much like a real bone the outside is hard with a softer, tasty center your pet will happily work to reach.

Overall these treats are amazing. Personally I can't say they are, but I know that my two girls eat them up right away. They don't leave any scraps behind. They also come over and try to find the bag and sniff for them. They also try to paw me for more. You can find different pet treats at the website below

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  1. Yes, they are amazing and we tried this already because I saw a poster outside in the emergency animal hospital .


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