Lovesac Phur Slippers Review

I always have that problem at night where my feet are cold. I always have that Green Phur Slippersbattle to put something on me feet or not. I am one of those odd people who do not like to wear socks, shoes or slippers. I can never find that right pair until I found Lovesac Phur Slippers. I was very excited when I was able to review one of their pair of Green Phur Slippers.

When I received my pare of Phur Slippers in the mail. I was highly impressed my the presentation of the package. When I opened up the box their was a fancy shoe box inside with the slippers inside. When I opened the box their was a ribbon tied around the box. I thought that was very pretty. I felt really special when I opened this package. The Phur slippers that I received were green in color. When I took the slippers out of the box they where super soft and I was excited to try them on. Usually when I wear any kind of slipper they make my feet hot and itchy. That is why I do not wear them. These slippers are hypo allergenic poly knit, rubberized sole and they are also machine washable. When I first tried these slippers on they where very soft and very comfortable. I was not sure on how long that would last because my feet always sweat and get irrated. Not once did I have those problems with these slippers. I am still wearing them and I really enjoy them. If you are like me and looking for a pair of slippers that will keep your feet warm I would highly recommend checking out Lovesac Phur Slippers. You can find their products HERE. 


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