Disney's The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition on DVD 10/1

Disney films, The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is one of my favorite classics of all time. I am very excited to share that Disney is releasing The Little Mermaid on Diamond Edition 2 Disc Blu-Ray & DVD combo pack on October 1st.
The Little Mermaid is back with your favorite characters and their classic songs like Part of Your World and Under the Sea. 
Film Synopsis:
Ariel is a free spirited mermaid, who is off on the adventure of a lifetime with her best friend,  Flounder, crab Sebastian  at her side. But it will take all of her courage and determination to make her dreams come true and save her father’s beloved kingdom from the sneaky sea witch Ursula.
Our thought about the DVD- What is their not to love about the Little Mermaid? This was one of my favorite movies as a child. I was very excited to sit down on a Friday night and make some popcorn and have family night. I was super excited to share one of my favorite movies with my children. It was great watching my children experience this DVD for the first time. It was a little different hearing Part of This World due to Carly Jespen singing it. Although I think that she did a great job singing it. All though I am used to the original, I think she did a great job singing the part. If you are a huge fan of the Little Mermaid I would definitely would invest in Little Mermaid Diamond Edition.

You can find this DVD at your local store or Amazon.com on OCT.1

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  1. I know this doesn't answer the "Which product would you like?" question, but I am guessing that question is left over from something else.

    The Little Mermaid is one of our favorite films.

  2. My oldest daughter loves The Little Mermaid, definitely one of our favorites. We are heading to Disney this winter and it would be nice to put this in her 'surprise we are going to Disney' present! :)

  3. would love for my grand daughter Desirae---- <3

  4. The Little Mermaid is one of are favorites!!!

  5. I love Ariel! This is my all time favorite movie!

  6. The Little Mermaid is MY FAVORITE childhood movie! I want this to share with my daughter.

  7. The "product" I like I guess is the little mermaid. I think the question is wrong.

  8. I love The Little Mermaid, but I'm pretty sure all Disney movies are my favorite.

  9. I loved the Little Mermaid when I was younger. Now I'm more a Tangled girl. Guess they both have the defiant little girl who loves her parents, but wants some freedom.

  10. I was a Little Mermaid freak when I was little! I would LOVE to win!

  11. I would love the 2 Disc Blu-Ray & DVD combo pack!

  12. I would love the 2 Disc Blu-Ray & DVD combo pack!


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