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Smart Planet Review (holiday gift guide)

During the holidays it seem like there is not enough hours in the day. It seems like I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and it seems like I am always cleaning up and washing dishes. Especially during the holiday season. I was very excited when I came across Smart Planet product collapsible eco salad bowl.
I will have to admit I come across many new products, but I have never come to a product quite like this before. This is a product of my dreams. I also like how Smart Plant is an internationally reowned source of innovative and eco friendly.
The product that I received for review their collapsible eco salad bowl. This salad bowl contains a silicone base. Which makes it microwave and dishwasher safe. Which is a must in our household. I usually stay away from products that are not microwave or dishwasher safe. It come with a topping tray, dressing container and reusable spork that you will find in side. I love how all these items fit inside of the main bowl. Easy storage which is great…

Hammacher Schlemer Review

Hammacher Schlemer is one of my favorite companies. When I entered the site online it was very class and easy to navigate through. When I entered their site I noticed a saying underneath there name it said "Offering the Best, The Only, and The Unexpected since 1848. At first when I read that I thought to my self I doubt that. This was before I looked through the site and delt with the company. Boy was I wrong They have so many different products. I could not believe how many items that I never seen before. There where more items that I was not familiar with than I was familiar with. Which shocked me. They have a great variety of products and have something for everyone. Young children, children, teens, young adults, adults and elders. What a site that can incorparate almost every age group and gender. This is my kind of site.
Before i start sharing what I got to review from this wonderful company.

 I wanted to share a quote that was on there site that I thought was ve…

Crayon Rocks Giveaway

My good friend over at Little Helpers in life is having a great giveaway!!! I wanted to share with you guys this great giveaway enter to win Crayon Rocks. Enter Below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Review

In the UK the largest retail sport company is was founded by Mike Ashley. This company has over 470 stores including, Field and Trek, Hargreavers Sports, Gilesports and Donnay International stores. offers a variety of products from football boots, running shoes, football kits, fitness clothing, kids toys and so much more. They also offer a variety of your favorite brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Umbro, Karrimor, Lonsdale, Dunlop and Slazenger. 
If you are looking for that special sport gift for that sport fanatic in your family. is the perfect company for you this holiday season. let me a review one of their kid product for my Holiday Gift Guide Review. I chose to review their Edco Play Too Bench. My son recently started getting into building things and starting become curious with tools. Although at the moment he is way to young to play with real tools this play set is the perfec…

American Girl Bitty Baby Review

My daughter who recently turned three has taken a liking to baby dolls. I was excited when I learned tat American Girl came out with a new line called Bitty Baby. I remember when I was a girl and how much I loved American Girl and now I am excited that I can share Bitty Baby with my daughter. Bitty Baby is recommend for ages 3 and up. 

It is time to check out American Girls new line Bitty Baby. Just in time for Christmas. Bitty Baby new line includes 15-inch baby dolls, clothing, accessories and story books. Their are 11 different dolls that you are able to choose from. Each Bitty Baby can vary skin tones, hair and eye color combinations. You can choose your perfect Bitty Baby for your special princess.

When we received our own Bitty Baby, I was highly impressed. Our Bitty Baby came in a special box and helps keep the Bitty Baby protected. When we opened up the box there was a cute little Bitty Baby inside. My daughter said shhh leave her alone she sleeping. The babies eyes would open a…

Sister Gourmet Review

Are you looking for something unique for Christmas? Do you loving baking or someone in your family love baking? You should check out Sister's Gourmet. They are a great company that puts that special touch to gourmet baking mixes. Great idea for the holiday season.
I received two of their Gourmet Baking Mixes for review. I received double chocolate oatmeal cookie mix and cinnamon snowflake cookie mix. When I received Sister Gourmet I was impressed how they where packed. They where very well packed and kept safe through shipping. After unwrapping I was impressed on how cute they looked. When it comes to the holidays I do not know about you, but I am always running out of time. With Sister's Gourmet cooking mixes they have all the dry ingredients all ready for you in a mason jar.
Both jars had all the ingredients except for eggs, real butter and vanilla. I had to get those out for the recipe. Which is not bad at all. Sister's Gourmet commitment to you is that they offer you th…

BeginAgain Toys Review

I was introduced to a wonderful toy company called BeginAgain Toys. BeginAgain Toys great company which their toys create imagination and creativity. One great thing that I love about toys is that they do not require batteries. BeginAgain Toys was created in Fort Collins, Colorado by Benjamin Barlowe. The inspiration came from his grandchildren. 

When we were browsing on BeginAgain Toys we were amazed on the creativity of each toy. We chose to review Dinosaur A to Z puzzle. The reason why I choose this product is that my children love learning their ABC an also figuring out puzzles. When I saw this product I thought this would be a great educational toy in helping children learning their ABC. It also helped that my children love Dinosaurs also. This Puzzle retails for $32.00. When we received the puzzle it was packaged with great care. It also came in a wood box to keep the puzzle safe. This puzzles is 26 pieces and the puzzles is a Stegosaurus. What I thought about this puzzle that s…

Build-A-Bear Workshop Holiday Review and Giveaway

Have you seen Build-A-Bear Workshops new Christmas collection yet? Once again Build-A-Bear Workshop has brought more cute furry friend to Build-A-Bear. They have brought back Rudolph and Clarice back for another year. They recently came out with Frosty, Santa, Mouse, boy and girl penguins and so much more. Just in time for the holidays. 
We were able to receive Clarice for review. Clarice is my daughters favorite holiday character. When Clarice arrived my daughter was very excited. We took Clarice out of the box and she was all dressed up. She was dress in a nice Christmas dress that had sparkly red and green circles. Then mid through the dress it has a nice red bow. I really like how the dress has poof in the back there are three layers. The white with green and red dots, then plain red and than layer of red netting. Clarice has a nice red bow on top. That gives her a little extra touch to her. It is fasten pretty good.Then she came with four glitter red shoes! Which made her look ver…

Mini 4 Wheel Carving Scooter Review

Are you looking for the perfect scooter for your child for Christmas? Well I happy to tell you that Fuzion has a great selection of scooters. I was able to review their Mini 4 Wheel Carving Scooter for my Holiday Gift Guide this year. We had one excited boy when we opened up the box. We received a Mini 4 Wheel Carving Scooter that is recommended for ages 6 and up. When we took it out of the box it was very easy to assemble. If I can do it anyone can do it. The frame of the scooter is made out of steel. The product weighs about 8.8 ibs. There is a weight limit for this product and that is 130 pounds. When we put this product all together my son was eager to test it out. 
The one thing that I noticed that my son struggled a little bit with the scooter, because there was four wheels. It took a little bit of time to get used to the scooter, but he did. In my personal opinion I would have a kid who has some basic knowledge of a scooter to ride on this product. The benefit of having a lightwe…

RoboMe Review (holiday gift guide)

Are you looking for something amazing to get you child for Christmas? WowWee introduces their newest product RoboMe. RoboMe is the perfect holiday gift for tech and robotic fans. RoboMe can be used my children and adults. RoboMe was created to blend personality and technology together at last. RoboMe is a completely customization robotic buddy that uses the power of your iPhone. When I received my RoboMe I was totally blown away. When I saw the RoboMe online I thought it was pretty cool, but I did not expect it to be like this. I thought it would be a lot smaller than it is. It pretty decent size. A lot bigger that what I originally thought. RoboMe does require a iPhone product to operate. You will need to download the app, after is all set up on your phone place it where the head of the robot is. There is a special location where it will fit your phone and protect it from getting damaged. One of my biggest worries that is my phone is going to get damaged. Well it fits nice and does no…

Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Never Land Rescue Review

The holidays season has begun. If you are trying to find the perfect gift for your kiddos. You should consider Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Never Land Rescue. Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Never Land Rescue just recently came out on DVD. 
My son is a huge fan of Jake and he loves the show. I have to admit that I am even a fan. I love the two pirate rockers in the show. 
Here is a little bit about this DVD. The fate of Never Land hangs in the balance as magical treasure are mysteriously vanishing: Jake's sword, Izzy's pixie dust and even the directions on Cubby's map. O no!! Do not worry Jake is here to the save the day. Jake goes on the Forever Quest to restore the power to the source of Never Land's magic.
My son sat through the whole show. He watched it several times. He absouletley loves Jake and his friends. Also with the DVD a sword came with it and also stickers to put the sword. It was very easy to blow up and brought a lot of fun for the day.
You can find Ja…

Lavanilla Perfume review

Lavanila offers a variety of different product, but I have fallen in love with their fragrances. I wanted to share a little bit of background about Lavanila. When I found out the meaning behind Lavanila I thought it was very interesting. The most universally loved fragrance is the flavor of the vanilla in its purest, freshest form has captivated Danielle Raynor. Danielle Raynor is the founder of Lavanila. When Danielle Raynor started her journey to create healthy skincare and fragrance products, she discovered that some of the finest vanilla come from Madagascar. Over in Madagascar it is called Lavanila. You will find majority of products that are offered on Lavanila are made with vanilla. The reason why vanilla is an ingredient is because it is rich, sweet, luxurious fragrance and also for it anti oxidant properties. I am sure if when you try Lavanila you will fall in love with their products as much as I did.

For the holidays I was able to review their Vanilla Passion Fr…

RC Extreme Hero Iron Man Review (holiday gift guide)

Do you have a child who loves super hero's? My five year old son is a super hero fanatic. Although my son does not have a favorite super hero at the moment. He is very fond of Iron Man. When I first learned about RC Extreme Hero Iron Man. I did not believe what I heard. For the first time ever, Iron Man fans will be able to let Iron Man fly through the air at incredible distances with the new RC Extreme Hero. EB Brands has created this product.
RC Extreme Hero Iron Man is recommend for ages 8 and up. The suggested retail prices is $69.99. I am very excited to be able to review this product. I have never seen a product quite like this. When I received this product in the mail it was quite larger than I expected it was going to be. The technology of this product performance is amazing. This product is 19 inch's and fully detailed. This product is very detailed and look exactly like Iron Man. RC Extreme Hero Iron Man can fly more than 200 feet in the air. I can not believe this. T…

Zing Air Storm Z-Tek Bow Review

This fall Zing Brand Toys are bringing you the most innovative, high performance product for kids. This Christmas instead of giving your child a video game consider getting them one of many Zing Brand Products. One thing I like about their products is that their products will get children up and moving. My five year old has been asking me for a bow for quite some time. Although he is way to young in my mind to own or have a real bow. I came to a compromise when I saw what Zing has to offer. They have bows that can help younger children learn the concept of the bow and how to shoot without getting hurt.
I was excited that I was able to review Zing Air Storm Z Tek Bow. This toy is recommend for ages 8 and up. The retail price is suggested at 19.99. The Air Storm Z-Tek Bow is considered the next generation archery toy from Zing. I will agree that this product is parent approved. What I like about this product is that the foam bow and arrow. What is really amazing about this product is tha…

GIANTmicrobes Review and Giveaway

GIANTmicrobes Review and Giveaway (holiday gift guide) I am excited to let you guys know that GIANTmicrobes came out with a holiday collection. GIANTmicrobes is a very unique collection. Their collection offers a variety of cells and viruses. They also come in a wide variety of items like plush animals, neck ties, and ect. This year they have a variety of different holiday gift items this year. They are offering Christmas stocking box, Christmas Tree Box, sniffles doll, neckties, hats, tshirt and keychain. I received a holiday wreath box and common cold in a jar. 
When I saw the holiday wreath I was very impressed on how cute it was. There are five plush animals inside the wreath. They are mini plush which are very cute. The first one is a white blood cell that is a snowman. This one is my favoirte one of out of the five. It has a little black hat, eyes, and looks like a carrot nose. The second one that came in the box is sore throat. This one is all red and fuzzy. The sore…

Campus Book Rental Review

The holidays are quickly approaching. Around this time of year I try to find ways to save money. This year I know I one place that will help me save money for my textbooks and that is Campus Book Rental. I know as a parent and as a student how pricey college books can be. I am an online student so majority of the time my college books tend to be e books. Although there are times where I am sent home with text books.With Campus Rental Books you can find textbooks that you need for your courses and only pay a fraction of the cost. Also it is convenient and will save you time by finding your textbooks on Campus Rental Books. With just a click you search for the book you need and with another simple click you can rent it. When you are done with your book you can simply return your book back to Campus Book Rental. Also instead of paying outrageous book prices, only rent your book for the amount of time you actually need it. I know that you are thinking that Campus Book Rental is to good to…

Olives Garden Buy 1 Take 1

Are you a fan of Olive Garden, like I am. Well I am very excited to share with you their new fall deals! They are having a great deal buy one take one for just 12.95!!! That is right you heard me correctly. You buy a meal and you get to take one home with you! I know when I go out to eat I am always like for a great deal and to save money. Right now I am trying to save money so I can save my extra money for black Friday that is right around the corner.
 How can you not love a deal where you can eat at Olive Garden and then bring another meal home with you? Stop on in at participating Olive Gardens to take advantage of their Buy One, Take One promotion. After you enjoy one of the amazing meals you than get to choose another meal to take home with you. Can you believe that you get two meals or 12.99? I can't. I know what your thinking! You are thinking that you will not get breadsticks, soup or salad with your meal. Guess again. You will get unlimited breasticks with your meal, along…

Glitter Pets Review