Friday, November 30, 2012

Bows 'N Ties

 Are you looking for a classy present for someone special. I know that each year I try to find my dad special present each year that he will actually use. Well this year I was interested to find a great tie for him for Christmas. He is actually starting a new job soon and I wanted to find something special for him. I found a great site that have very nice Bows 'N Ties. They have special ties for all different occasions. Bows 'N Ties are an online retailer that specializes in sales of bow-ties and neck ties and other man accessories.

Bows 'N Ties sent me one of their neck ties to review. I chose a maroon tie that has dots on the tie. When the packaged arrived it came well packaged. I noticed it was in a nice box and the presentation was nice. It had tissue paper around the tie which was nice. The tie was protected and it was in a protective bag so it did not get damaged. I was going to save this tie for Christmas but my dad found it and he was very excited about the tie. He said he was impressed with the quality of tie. Usually things like this do not impress him much so this mean a lot. They tie was great quality and looked great. I looked over the tie and my dad mentioned me that one time he bought a tie and there was threads coming out of the tie. This tie had absouletly no thread coming out of the tie what so ever.  

I would recommend if you are looking for a nice quality tie for a loved one I would seriously recommend checking into Bows 'N Ties. Why go to a department store and pay an arm in a leg when you can buy one in the convenience of your own home? Also they are very reasonable in price and great quality for the price. If you want to check their site out you can visit them at

Baby Ankees

I  love coming across new site with items that I would never think of. I came across a site called Innovative Mommas and they have a product called Baby Ankees. I know this product would be very helpful to a lot of mothers out there and it one of those products that you think why did I not think of that. 
What is Baby Ankees you ask? They are little bands that go around the bottom of your child's sleeper. This helps keep your baby's feet stay in the feet part and not slide everywhere. For example have you noticed when your child crawls that it is difficult due to the sleeper this helps them so they can move easier. 
Emily really liked these and we also found other ways to use these and just not what they are supposed to be used for. When my daughter wears a sleeper at times she does have trouble walking in them because they get all bunched up. I tried these Baby Ankees and they seemed to fit just right and helped prevent them from moving. Which was a great thing for us. Also my daughter has pants that are a little long sometimes at she trips over them these are great to put around the pants and it helps prevent them from sliding down to the point where she could trip. She really enjoys these a lot.
Then I received a second pair and my friend used it for her son and they worked wonders. She has a smaller guy that is crawling and it works wonders he is on the move with help of Baby Ankee's. These work wonders and there very cute. 
This would be a great stocking stuff for you little one this Christmas. They come in 7 different colors and 4 different sizes. If you want to find more information and visit their site


Totsy Right now have a lot of great deals and your first order you get free Shipping. Great Christmas gift and cute stuff.

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Color Time
Since 1990, over 5 million children and adults have loved creating t-shirts, pillowcases, backpacks, tote bags, bandanas, and more for parties, slumber parties, and scout meetings with our permanent fabric markers. We have provided our customers the opportunity to entertain their guests with a creative activity that becomes a permanent keepsake. Also, we are a licensed vendor of the Girl Scouts of America. Check out our wholesale program, great for your organizations.

We also offer free downloadable coloring pages ( and a "Birthday Club" ( with special incentives.

Get 15% off all orders Promo Code: 15USFG when you check out at


 I was very excited to be able to review the Perplexus game for the holidays. My original intent was to give this to my son for Christmas. Well that plan did not work at all. It seems like this game in my household is not a one person game it a household game that everyone seems to want to play. What is a Perplexus you ask? Perplexus is a 3D Original Maze that has different mazes that you can try. This game is recommended for ages 6 and up but my four year old is pretty good at it and he seems to enjoy it a lot. 

I first want to say what I like about the Perplexus is that you can not lose any parts to this game. Sometimes that is an issue with my four year old. I can let him play with this toy unattended and it will keep him occupied and I do not have to worry about him misplacing pieces to the game. Another great plus to this is game is when you are traveling in the care it would be a great game for the ride. It can be transported really easy with no issues. I actually had take a small trip that as a little bit over and hour and sometimes that can be a nightmare. Thank you to the Perplexus it kept my son occupied during the trip.
I know everyone in my household has played this game and tried to complete the maze. Even my father who hates all games so he says even picked this one up and tried. It tends to be addicting at times. I found the maze to be hard at first and with practice and keep trying it seemed to come easy to me. Although you do not want something that is going to just be easy and not challenging at all.

The only two negative things about the Perplexus is this game is not for sharing and it is addicting. Once you pick this game up you lose track of time. You do not want to put it down because you want to keep getting further and further. I find myself at time watching my son and I want to try and he wont let me. Which this makes a great toy and so far we have not lost interest in this toy.

This would make a great toy for the holidays. I would recommend this gift to anyone. This game would be a great game at a holiday party and seeing who can get the furthest. You can find this toy at and follow them on

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lex Cosmetics

I was very lucky to able to review a nail polish from LEX cosmetics. I chose to review Tuilleries which is a light pink color with sliver and red glass fleck  glitter and their is orange, silver and purple medium sized metallic hex glitter. I really like that and unique to have in your nail polish. It gives it a little extra. What I want to share with you about this company is that LEX cosmetics make products that the customers are interested in which is great. I like when companies try to provide us with product that we want and are interested in. What was really different about this site is that you can send a picture of inspiration and description or story. Than you can vote on which nail polish you would like them to carry. I like how they involve the customers that is always nice. Another great fact about this site is that every nail polish that is sold a portion of that sale goes to a charity. Each nail polish goes to different charities. I really admire their company for that.
I chose the color Tuileries. I got this from their site to share with you the background on the color I chose. First, tulips are one of the first signs that spring is really, truly, finally here! Second, they always remind me of my mother. I would love to have a color that can represent her in every way: in beauty, in color, in her favorite things, and in her uniqueness. My color would be light pinkish-red with glass-like flecks of silver, red, pink, and orange within it to showcase the depth of both tulips and my mother. 10% will be donated to lung cancer research.
I think that was very touching and I feel in love with this site not only for the nail polish but for what the site stands for. You really do not find a site like this now a days. When I tried Tuilleries it was very easy to apply and did not smudge easy or not runny. It set up pretty quickly which is nice. If you want a light kind of clear color with sparkle I would recommend just one coat. If you are looking for a darker pink color I would recommend two coats of this color. It sets up really quick and does not chip or smudge at all. I really love this color and the nail polish.
I would recommend this for the holidays and I would recommend you putting these in stockings this year. Great gift and they are very reasonable price. Plush ten percent goes to a charity. How can you go wrong.
To find their great product check out Lex Cosmetics at



The line of Terri Michele Fragrances is the inspiration of Michele Kaplan. Michele Kaplan had a very sensitive nose when it came to perfumes. She found a signature scent which is light and clean, yet lasting and was an ever present challenge in a sea of similar, trendy fragrance. 
This was a great perfume and I enjoyed the smell of Shenandoah. I received a two week worth of samples to try. When the samples arrived they came in little boxes and they where very pretty. I really loved how they where packaged. I really enjoyed the smell and I have received a lot of complements while wearing it. I also like how the perfume was a long lasting and did not fade right away. You do not have to re apply after a few hours which is nice. It is not a over powering fragrance which is great for me sometimes it overpowers me. Also I am also very happy that it also does not irritate my skin sometimes that happens with perfumes and this one does not. Which is great. They also have this fragrance in perfume, lotion and candles. this would make a great Christmas present for your mother, girlfriend, or wife. 

You can find out more information on this product at


When you thinking about the perfect holiday gift you think photo gifts. I usually always give my parents photo gifts of the kids and how can you go wrong? This would be great gifts for parents, grandparents, husband, wife, sometimes even your children. This is a great gift and it comes from the heart. 

Free Picture KeeperThis year I tried for my photo needs this year. They have some unique gifts that i have not seen offered on other sites. Items that Mailpix offer a variety of different gifts such as cards, picture prints, photo books, brag books, aprons, ornaments, cutting boards, coffee mugs, and so much more. What I like about the mailpix that it has a feature where you can connect our facebook and load your pictures straight from your facebook. Great feature. 

I got to review several product from mailpix. I really enjoyed their snowflake ornaments they where very nice. I ordered four of them. I have two kids so I order a set for me and a set for their grandparents. I also really liked the cutting board that I ordered. It is a standered cutting board and very nice and great quality. I was to afraid to use it but I did and no chips and great quality. I also received and apron and that was great and held up nice. Their was one product I was kind of disappointed with was the fleece they where ok for children. But I wish they where a little thicker. I would recommend this site for some of their amazing products.

You can find their site at

Football Grill Topper Review

 I do not know about your family but we have some family members that are huge college sport fans. I know some even tailgate. I have a great holiday present for those family members who love sports. They are Football Grill Toppers and this would be great if you are having friends over to watch any kind of sport game. 

I love to watch Michigan State football they are my favorite team and I do tend to have parties and like to share my spirit of Michigan State. Usually we snack during the came and we cook out hamburgers and hotdogs at our parties. I was sent a two grill toppers with the logo of Michigan State on it. This will go great with the parties that we have during the season. 

I was sent one hotdog topper and hamburger or other meat topper and these are very easy to use. What you do is put these grill toppers on your grill and then preheat the grill to the highest setting. After preheating the grill place on the meat on the image logo for about 90-120 seconds. This is putting the image on your meat for the logo. After doing that you continue cooking your meat to your perfection.

The grill toppers will make a great gift for the holidays turning your meats into great works of art. This is fun and a great idea for parties to make them so much more fun. You can use Chicken, Pork, Beef, hot dog what ever you would like. Great for barbecues for sport fans. If you are having a hard time trying to find that special gift a uncle, cousin, dad, grandpa this would make a creative fun gift for them. All you need to do is visit their site and pick out there favorite team and purchase before Christmas simple as that. 

Visit the Grill Topper website, Like them on Facebook, Pintrest and Twitter

Binky Spritz

I have a great product that I was able to review and this would help a lot of mommies out there will small children or new expectant mothers. I know when my daughter drops her sippy cups on the floor i freak out and I always want to wash it but always able to. I found this great product call Binky Spritz is a much have to anyone who has baby's or small children. When something falls on the ground like pacifiers and sippy cups and what ever else you can think of I grab Bink Spritz and it sanitizes it so i do not have to worry about my daughter and germs.  

I know moms what your thinking is Bink Spritz safe? Yes it is made to be safe to swallow and it also made from natural ingredients and alcohol free so no worries. Plus this is non toxic and there is absolutely no sugar added which is fantastic. This flavor of the Bink Spritz is a citrus flavor and it taste ok and how do I know you ask? I have tried it. 

This would also be great and small enough to keep a bottle in your purse for emergency's. If your going to a store or out to eat and your child drops it out on the floor guess what you have the Bink Spritz handy. This is a must have and helps keep your child healthy. This would make a great stocking stuffer for the holidays. You can not go wrong and this is cute and creative gift!!

You can find this amazing product at

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


 Today my son was very excited that he got mail today. We received Loopeez in the mail today. What is Loopeez you ask? Loopeez make tying shoes easier for your little ones. This is a great idea because I wanted to start this but did not know where to start. We received camo pair of Loopeez for my sons shoes. My son is four years old and about to turn five soon. I know he wants to tie his shoes but he does gets frustrated easy.

Here is how you use the Loopeez 

First you cross laces and pull

Second Place Loopeez on the twist

Third push shoelace through hole to form a loop, repeat with the other lace

Fourth cross loops over

Five Make a bow pull lightly

I had my son try to tie shoes without the loopeez at first and he could not. When he was using the Loopeez he got to about step three. Although he can not do it right away it does not mean the product does not work because it does. Although some parents do not realize it take time and patience. I see my son wanting to try more with the Loopeez and he takes his shoes and tries to tie them which is great. He will get it eventually if we keep practicing. I would really recommend this products for all mothers who are at that point on teaching their children how to tie their shoes. It fun and easy and it helps children able to tie their shoes. If you are looking for a great stocking stuffer this would be a great one. Your children would absolutely love this gift.

You can find more information at their site at

You can also like there facebook page

Also follow them on Twitter


SKOY clothes

 I received one pack of SKOY cloths to review. I was very excited because we know that a four year old and a two year old can make a lot of messes. I wanted to see if the SKOY cloths could handle my kids messes. The SKOY cloth is a thin cloth so in my opinion I thought your kidding right this will not work. 

I wanted to test these cloths so I got one of them completely wet. When they are dry they are a hard cloth and not flexible. Of course when you get this cloth wet it becomes more flexible and easier to use. The SKOY is not a one time use cloth if you were wondering it is a reusable cloth. Which is nice because this can save you money of course. A normal sponge can reak due to cleaning up messes and bread bacteria. When you use a Skoy you can put it in the wash and dryer, put it in the microwave to kill the bacteria, or dishwasher. I love this option because this will kill the bacteria from the cloth and be safe to use again. I like how the SKOY cloth can absorb more water than you think. I son dropped his cup filled with water and the Skoy got majority of the water spilled. Which is amazing because it would of taken probably about ten paper towels.  What I like about the cloths are the are 100 percent biodegradable which is awesome. 

Also I wanted to let you guys know that SKOY has a new fundraising program for schools. If you want to know more information about this you can find it on their website under the fundraising tab.

Also SKOY cloths are available in all the Container store locations and select Cost Plus World Market locations also. 

You can find their website at

Also they a lucky reader win a pack of SKOY Clothes. You can enter below.

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Bare Body Soap

When it comes to the holiday times. My family members love lotions, soaps anything you can imagine. Well I was very excited that I was able to try a couple of bars from Bare Body Soaps Organics. Rosanne Muncy is the creator of Bare Body Soaps. Her goal was to minimize the toxin her family where exposed to. Roxanne Muncy started to make organic soap to provide high-quality soap for her family. Also her organic soaps are non toxic skin care. Bare Body Soaps are handcrafted and affordable. Also they are made with certified organic oils, essentials oils and botanicals to produce vegan and cruelty-free soaps. 

I received to bars of Bare Body soap to review. I want to start with when I received the package. It came in a nice bubble padded envelope. What I really liked about the packing was that both soaps where in brown little box. Why I wanted to point this out because their where times when I received soap similar to this with no protecting or no covering  at all. I really like how the protected their soaps.  I received two bars of soap one was Rose Geranium Soap and Lavender Soap.  I personally love both of soap scents they are both different but I like them. I think I would lean towards Rose Geranium if I had to choose just one. These are pretty big soaps and will last a long time if you take care of the properly. How to take care of these soaps you need a soap dish where they can drain. If you do not do this they will not last as long. I really like using these bars of soap because they leave you skin smelling good. I also like them because I do not break out or allergic to them which is great. 

These would make great presents this holiday season. You can use these as stocking stuffer or if you like making gift baskets this would be a great addition to them. I would highly recommend getting these for the holidays. Also They do have a gift box available for the holidays.  

They are also giving one lucky reader able to win this set that is shown in the picture. The winner will be able to pick 2 soaps of their choice.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Feral Watches for the Wild

We create fun and feminine timepieces that will add structure to your wild side- by keeping you punctual, you free spirit, you!
  • Launched: Nov 12, 2012
  • Funding ends: Dec 12, 2012
Introducing Feral Watches                                               
feral [feer-uh l, fer-]                                                              
1. an organism that has changed from being domesticated to being wild or untamed                                                                                                             2. watches for the wild
Feral Watches /// Wrap Watches
Feral Watches has been wrapping wrists since I lived on the North Shore of Hawaii. Inspired by sandy toes, salty hair, and sun kissed faces, our collection of fun and feminine timepieces will add structure to your wild side- by keeping you punctual, you free spirit, you!

Here at Feral Watches, we want you to find a watch that suits you and your unique personality. Each watch is designed carefully with you in mind to reflect personal style. We have been receiving great feedback from customers so we decided to bring this idea to Kickstarter. The beauty of a wrap watch is it doubles as a bracelet, making it the perfect piece to complete your arm party.
We take pride in the fact that our watches are designed especially for chicks at an affordable price! A girl can never have too many accessories, and we couldn't think of a better way to make a fashionable and functional timepiece that can be worn daily. Who said watches have to be boring? It's time to take matters into your own hands and never be late while looking your best. Just wrap it and be on your way!

Feral Watches is ready to take things to the next level. We believe we have a unique product that everyone will love, including your mom. Even if you're not normally a watch person, you might find yourself gawking at a Feral watch!
We are very excited to get our latest watch designs on your wrists, but we need your help. The watches used in this video are just prototypes of what can soon become a reality. Your pledge means a lot to us in helping us get these new styles produced. We want to see Feral watches on chicks everywhere! By backing this Kickstarter project you will receive our newest designs before anyone else at a special price!

The Camper Beanie $12
The Camper Beanie $12

The Wanderlust Floral $35
The Wanderlust Floral $35

The Wanderlust Leopard $35
The Wanderlust Leopard $35

The Midas Gold $65
The Midas Gold $65

The Midas Rose Gold $65
The Midas Rose Gold $65

The Jane $75
The Jane $75

The Fun Pack $150
The Fun Pack $150
Thanks for checking out our project and with your help we hope to get these watches in production soon!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Securing the funds for this project is only half the challenge. Here are a few of the risks and challenges that could come up once the project is funded:
1. Time - It could take longer to manufacture the watches than we expect. We have received a quote for turnaround time but can only speculate that this will be accurate. We will overcome this dilemma by constantly receiving updates and updating our backers on the status of everything.
2. Quality - The initial quality of the samples has been excellent and everything has been up to par with our designs, we just hope that when these watches are mass produced the quality and functionality is still high. We can ensure this by maintaining constant communication with our manufacturer through every step of the watch making process.
3. Unforeseen issues - We really hope that nothing catastrophic will happen between now and the time our backers receive their watches.
We are confident that we have the experience to overcome these challenges and produce high quality, beautifully designed watches in a timely manner and that all of our backers will enjoy their reward.

Visit here if you want to DONATE


When I pour my self a drink or my children I usually pour it in a class and pop a straw in the glass. When I heard that straws contain toxins in them I wanted to see what my other options are. My daughter has a illness so now I am more cautious about things now. I came across a wonderful site called GlassDharma that makes glass straws. There company makes all shapes and size of straws. They also make straws that have colorful glass pieces that are attached to the glass straw. Let me tell you they look amazing.

A little about the company. GlassDharma was found by David Leonhardt. David Leonhart has been a glassblower for over 15 years. David Leonhart started working for a local glass shop in town and he noticed that the owner of the shop had glass drinking straw that where for sale. He immediately recognized that here was a partial solution to our plastics problem. Now granted there a lot more plastic in the world than drinking straws, but bear with me a minute and let me put things in perspective ... As of March 2008, McDonald’s serves an average of 52 million meals PER DAY! (Per their website) How many of those served do you think were given a plastic straw? I hope it is becoming obvious just how big of a problem these pesky little plastic straws can be. Remember, this is just from McDonalds!! Get the picture?? So ... I created the GlassDharma line of glass drinking straws and this website to contribute one solution to the misuse of plastics in our society.

I was sent a 4 beautiful set of GlassDharma glass straws for my review. When I received these straws they where packed very well and none where damaged which was a great plus. They where in each in their own package with a cleaning brush for that certain straw. Each straw was different sizes and lengths. I know what your thinking they do make bushes to fit that certain size you purchase. So what I really like about this product is that it does not leak toxins into what you are using your straw for. Now I know that my daughter is safe and not ingesting dangerous toxins like plastic straw do. Also you are helping be eliminating plastic straws going into your local landfill so your are partaking to help the environment with GlassDharma straws. What I love about these products that they are microwave and dishwasher safe. The true test is do my children like them? Yes they prefer the straw with the stones in the side of the glass straw. They really think that is amazing. Although I notice that they are always touching it and seeing if it will come out and we know they wont. So they pass the children test.

These would make a great gift for the holidays. They are very classy and nice. If you want to get a great stocking stuffer this would be it. I bet no one would even think of this gift so it would be one of a kind and from the heart. If you would want to see more of their amazing gifts please.

You can visit their site at

Also GlassDharma agreed to giveaway one 25 dollar gift certificate to a lucky winner to their site.

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Finding Nemo 3D coming out 12/4

Guess what is coming out next Tuesday? Finding Nemo 3D. This would be a great dvd to pick up for the holidays. I know my son just loved this movie. Great stocking stuffers. Next Tuesday (12/4), get ready to dive into the fabulous underwater world of Marlin, Dori and Nemo as Disney/Pixar's FINDING NEMO 3D is released for the very first time on Blu-ray hi-def, Blu-ray 3D, DVD and Digital platforms! In anticipation of this fin-tastic release, we're sharing some fun Nemo puzzlers. Make sure you go and stop and get this wonderful DVD for your child for Christmas. Download Puzzler Games! Download Puzzler Games! Download Puzzler Games!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Galilee Silk Scarve

I was very lucky to able to review review a beautiful hand painted scarf from Israel. Galilee Silks is located in the northern part of Israel. Although they do have distribution center in the United States. 

When I received the hand painted silk it was beautiful. I kept looking at it and admiring the beautiful colors. I really enjoyed the blue and green colors went very well together. I will definitely say that the craftsmanship is amazing. I still can not get over the fact that someone actually hand painted this. Which when you order this product you will always know that you will have and original and yours will not be like anyone else. I actually had a baptism this weekend for my daughter and I had this outfit that need just a little extra to go with it. I actually wore this beautiful scarf to go with it and let me tell you. I had so many compliments and everyone asked where I got it from. The only thing that I was afraid of that something would happen to it and I would be upset. Other than that I am totally amazed by this product and I definitely would recommend this product and would make a great gift.

To find this amazing product or their other products please visit them at

Amy Adele

Amy Adele offers a great selection of stationery, invitations and gifts using whimsical designs and they also have personalization options. They have high quality items and they would make great Christmas gifts. I really enjoyed their customer service they where nice and easy to work with and very prompt.
I was given the opportunity to select and item from Amy Adele store. Let me tell you there where to many choices to chose from and I wanted to try all of their items. Although I came across the the t shirt and came across a ballet shoes on it. Also they offered if I wanted to put a name on it so I put my daughter name on the shirt. 

I had to chose the items on the site and the navigation on the site was easy. I found everything that I needed to find. When I wanted to place my order for the shirt I wanted to review it was easy. By easy I mean I clicked on the picture and it showed me sizes that I could chose. I chose the size and put in the cart.

When the package arrived it was package with care. I was excited to see how it the shirt turned out. First of all the shirt was amazing. The size of the shirt was true to the size. The shirt was very soft to the touch. I was worried about the picture and the personalization on the shirt. First I am very amazed with the quality of the ballerina shoes. The colors where blended very well and produced a great picture on the shirt. I also liked how her name was written on the shirt very fine but elegant. I would score this about an A+ if i could. 

I am glad I found this site they are friendly and a great company. Their products are great quality and I would trust them with my holiday shopping this year. So make sure you check them out at.

USAopoly Games

You know I love games and I love having family night with my children. I enjoy adding new games to our games shelves. I found a great company with amazing different games. USAopoly have a variety of different games such as Monopoly, Jenga, Candy Land, Checkers, Yatzee, Cranium, Operation, Sync up, Trivial Pursuit, Clue, Memory Challenge, Risk, Telestrations, Scrabble and the game of life. 

These seem like just ordinary game but at USAopoly the spruce them up and add your favorite college team or characters. For example they have some games with Sonic, Hello Kitty, Mario Brothers, South Park, Spiderman, Rudolph, Charlie Brown and many more. There are to many to list but there are a lot of favorites and something for everyone. 

I was lucky to be able to review to games from USAopoly and they where Hello Kitty Yahtzee and Rudolph memory game.  The first game that I reviewed was Hello Kitty game and my children really enjoy it. If you have a daughter or grand child who loves Hello Kitty this game would be just for you. There are other Hello Kitty games available also. Hello Kitty Yathzee game has special custom dice and have Hello Kitty's friends on them. There are Mimmy, Joey, Tracey, Fifi and Jodie. What I really thought was cute it comes with a Hello Kitty shaker inside to roll the dice. My children had a little fun. They needed help of course playing it and I helped them with the straight, full house and ect. I loved this game because it brought us together.

The next game that I got to review was the Rudolph The Reindeer memory game. My kids have fun with this and it also takes awhile because they never remember where anything is. Sometimes what I do is I make two games out of it. Split it up so there are a little less to match. When they get older I will add more. This is a great holiday game and what is there not to love? Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer was a classic. Which I really am glad to see that they have came out theme games of Rudolph. My son just saw the movie last weekend and love it so this is new favorite game. We like how we can match them up also there are 20 misfit cards. These are very cute and I love how they brought that in the game. Great for holidays and great presents.

If your loved ones like playing games you should check this site out. They have all kinds of themes from kids to adults. You can find their games at


 Pop in Kins is a great gift for your children for the holiday season. There is no other gift like this. I received a Christopher Pop in Kins which is very unique. It came with the story and the Christopher Elf. Pop in Kins was founded as "Imaginative" in 1985 by Pop In Kins creator Flora Johnson. 

I am looking for a new tradition with my children this year and now I found it with Christopher Pop in Kins. This is my sons new favorite Christmas book and he absolutely want it read every night before he goes to bed and he has to have the elf sitting on his dresser to hear the story also. I also find him playing with Christopher the elf everyday also. Him and his sister play with him constantly and have not lost interest with him. This is a great book not only my kids loved it, I found out that I really enjoyed it also.

If you are looking to start a new tradition this year and if you have kids. I would highly recommending investing in this. You can do so much with the elf doll and the book is just wonderful. This set will bring you great Christmas memories and a great investment. I know my children just love this and I already get the joy of making new memories and more to come even next year.

You can visit their site and find more information on Pop in Kins. Also they have great children pages that you can print out and they can color. They will love coloring the pages!! 

You can find more information at


Are you a busy mom that works out? Goes to the park with the kids? Goes grocery shopping? I have a product that may come in handy for you...