Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Joa Bath and Body

I found a wonderful company that has amazing bath and body products. Let me tell you they are amazing. I would like to share their story before I start my review on Joa Bath and Body. Cindy started Joa Bath and Body because she wanted to create quality products that were good for her family and friends to use. Cindy suffered from sensitive skin as a child and did she did not care for the soap that her mother had purchased at the store. Cindy now has her own family and her own children suffer from sensitive skin also. Cindy felt like she could give her children something more that the store could. She first started make soap and her first bar was called wholesome. Her company has grown to other products such as bath salts, body lotions, and body souffles.

When I learned about their company I was instantly intrigued in their products. I wanted to mention that they are very friendly and had great communication. That is very important to me. I also know that it is also and important to you guys also. When my package arrived to review their product. It was package nicely and when I opened the package I loved the containers that the product was in. I had a great feeling when I saw these and it hard to explain. It was kind of a personal home touch that I really enjoyed.

The first product that I was able to review from Joa Bath and Body was Delightful Cranberry Body Souffle. This body butter was amazing and I have not found any product like this. When I run into body butters they seem to be very heavy product and thick. This product from Joa Bath and Body was a whipped souffle. It was very light and had a great smell to it. I absolutely loved the smell of this body butter. When I tried this body butter it went on very smoothly and rubbed in very nice. It left my skin smelling very nice and very moisturized. I absolutely love this amazing product and would recommend it to everyone. 

The second product that I got to review from Joa and Bath and Body was their Delightful Cranberry body lotion. It is the same smell as the body butter. I absolutely love the smell of the lotion and the body butter. I never had a great lotion that was light and smooth on your skin. It rubbed in very nicely on my skin and left my skin smoothly for the whole day. Them smell also lingered for quite awhile that I abousely love. 

I would recommend this for Christmas presents. What would be a great idea is purchase their products and make a little gift basket for your loved one or a friend. These would be great for stocking stuffers or would be great for a gift basket. This would even be great for a teacher's gift.

You can find their products at 



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