Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pine Bro's Softish Throat Drops

In my home already it been terrible for colds. Last year there was not many colds in my family but let me tell you this year is quite different. I was lucky to be able to review Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops. I would say they came just in time because the day I received them I came down with a cold. I received several packages of Natural Honey and Wild Cherry Flavored throat drops. What I find really unique about this brand of throat drops is they are softish. They are not hard like all the other cough drops that are out there. But they are not soft enough to be able to chew them which is nice. They are met to be sucked on just like the other cough drops that are made. I have never heard of these before although now when I looked I have found them at my local CVS.

When I tried both Wild Cherry and the Natural Honey I liked both. I really could not chose a favorite because both are good. I think When I am really not feeling good I probably would prefer the Honey. Even when you are not feeling well they taste better than most cough drops and they also gave me relief which was nice. Also I enjoy that they have those hard containers where you can bring them in your car or your purse. I really enjoy these containers due to you can bring them anywhere and they will not get ruined. I actually put one of each in the counsel of my car so I have them handy. These are very soothing and great tasting if you are not feeling good and have a cold. I would highly recommend checking out Pine Bro's Softish Cough Drops. You can find more information on their site at

Climb on Lotion Bar

I have been having trouble with my eczema on my ankle and have been trying to find a product that will help. I have found a great company that have a variety of products such as Climb on Lotion, Climb on Creme, Climb On Lip Tube, Climb on Lotion Bar. I was able to review a sample of the Climb on Lotion Bar. I rubbed this Lotion Bar on my ankle where it is very dry and cracked. I was shocked with the results after applying it relieved the itch and burn. It also felt little bit smoother and moisturised. After a few times using this my skin on my ankle does not seem like an issue anymore which is nice. This lotion bar is great for dry spots because it is concentrated and you just need to rub it across the dry spot. I really like the smell of the lotion bar also. To me it seems like it has a lemon smell to it although I am not great in trying to figure out the right smell. I would recommend this product if you have damage and irritated skin. I know I have had this patch for awhile that has been irritated and nothing seem to help it at all until I tried Climb On lotion bar. There are so many product you can purchase if you want to find out more information on this product or other products you can visit them at

Friday, December 28, 2012

Australian Natural Soap

Valentines Day is coming up and natural organic products would make a perfect gift for a special someone. I was able to review three bars of Natural Soap from Australian Natural Soap. The scents were French Pear, Lemon Myrtle and Ocean Beach. I was worried about the Lemon scent due to I am not a huge fan of Lemon smells. I was quite surprised that I really enjoyed the smell of the Lemon Myrtle. My favorite smell out of all three bars was the Ocean Beach. I really like the soaps and how they made my skin feel. They did not break out my skin which is nice due to having sensitive skin. After using these soap my skin felt very soft which was a plus. I would recommend this soap to anyone who has sensitive skin. Australian Natural Soap has been creating these natural soap bars for more than twenty years. What I find really neat about this company is they send their bars of soap from Australia to their facility in Massachusetts. Where than you can purchase it and they ship your order to your home. I really love these soaps and they great quality, they hold up, last longing which is great. Also I like how they have not dangerous chemicals in their products and they are all natural and will not hurt your skin. Which is very important to me due to having skin irritates and my children also suffer from that. Which is great to know this skin will not contribute to that. I would definitely recommend this for a valentines gift for your loved one or just a simple spoil me gift. You can find more information on this product at I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

WubbaNub Duck

 When it comes to baby gear and items. It is so hard to find what is out there and what is safe. I came a cross a great site WubbaNub. For mothers out there and expentant mothers if you plan or giving your child a paci than you need to invest in a WubbaNub. What is a WubbaNub? A WubbaNub starts with a Soothie pacifier permanently attaches to one of their cute plush's.

I was able to review a their yellow WubbaNub Duck for my Best Friends new child. When I received the WubbaNub I was very impressed. The plush was very soft and the pacifier was connected to the plush securely. By having the plush connected to the pacifier they are easier for a baby to hold on to the small plush and the pacifier is easier to move. What I really like about this concept is my friends child really like the soothie pacifier although there are no clips to prevent the pacifier getting lost. That what I like about WubbaNub is that the pacifier can not get lost easily due to the plush that is attached to the pacifier. These are great to have on hand and they would also make great gifts for baby showers or great gift to bring to the hospital.

WubbaNub by following them on Twitter and “liking” them on Facebook!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kaz Vicks Starry Night Humidifier

When you have to children it is great to have a cool moisture humidifier. When my son gets a cold it can get to the point where he has trouble breathing. My daughter tends to have a lower immunity so she tends to get more colds in the family. When my children have a cold they have a rough time falling a sleep. My son would not like this in his room because of the noise. Vicks came out a great children's starry night cool moisture humidifier. Which is a great one to have in the child's room. My son really like how the top has a starry projector on top. He said the only thing that is missing from it was music. I really like how the humidifier has a star projection on top. This projects stars and moon on your child ceiling and also has a variety of different colors. This brings a calm feeling for your child when they are not feeling good. What my son really enjoyed is when he was falling asleep the colors would change when he was falling asleep.

One of my concerns when I started the Vick Humidifier was will the moisture make the air to dewy? With Vicks humidifier I can promise you that this is not an issue. Vicks humidifier has invisible moisture which is nice and does not make your child's room feel dewy or heavy. This actually made my son able to breath easier during the night. After he woke up there was still water in his humidifier. No worries of the water running out during the middle of the night. I know which my sons old one we had to fill it a few times to make it last throughout the whole night.

The humidifier is very east to use and not complicated at all. Anyone can use this which is nice. The humidifier has a clear container where it holds the water so you know when it needs to be refilled which is nice. It holds one gallon of water in the clear plastic container. For my sons room I put on the lowest mode so his room does not fill up with a lot of moisture. If I put the humidifier out in the living room where my son sometimes decides to sleep when he is not feeling good. I would put it on the higher setting for a bigger room. I like how you can control how much moisture you let out in your rooms. Another option you can do is that the humidifier came with to Vicks VapoPads. This is a scent pack where you can put in your humidifier so it can spread the scent of menthol throughout the room. I know that I would love this if I had a cold. 

If you have a child who is very picky like my son. I would highly recommend finding this humidifier. My son does not like noise and does not usually like this in his room. The starry feature helps him relax a lot. You can find this product at  

Saturday, December 22, 2012


If you have a member of your family or a friend who loves cars I have a perfect gift for them. Also this would be a great item to have for your car. Have you ever wondered what is wrong with your car? Usually with my luck when the check engine light come on I have to take my care to get checked at my mechanic. It seems like every trip to the mechanic it put a dent in my checking account. I am very lucky I came across the site CarMD. I was never aware of this product or even that it was available to the average person. This gadget can save you a trip to the mechanic and tell you what is wrong with your car. This potentially can save you money. The CarMD is the same technology that majority of the mechanics use. The CarMD diagnoses the health of vehicles 1996 and newer including cars, light trucks, SUVS and minivans. 

I know that you are curious now and wondering what the CarMD can do. This gadget can tell you why your check engine light is on. Also can give you the cost estimate of how much you will need to spend on repairs. This can catch hidden engine problems, see if your vehicle will pass emissions, give your car a check up before going on trips. Another great use for this gadget is if your planning on buying a use car you can have this handy. To make sure that there are no hidden problems that the owner is not telling you. I also like to get a estimate from my mechanic and then see if what they are telling me is the truth or not.

I was able to review a CarMD Tester and software kit. This kit contains a handheld tester, a reference user guide, CD, USB cable and 2AAA batteries. When I got this to review I went crazy trying to detect my car. This device was very easy to use which was nice. I do not have automotive experience and I was able to understand what this gadget was telling me. How you test your vehicle is you need to plug it in the diagnostic outlet of your vehicle. Then you turn the key to the on position so the CarMd can read your vehicles computer to see if there any problems with your car. When you hear the CarMd beep four times and one of the LED lights come on. If the green comes on that means everything is great, Yellow mean that there could be a problems and if it is red means that service is needed. How neat is that? This gadget can hold up to four codes to let you know if there something wrong with your vehicle. If a yellow or red light appears. What you need to do is connect the CarMD to your computer. You will need to use the USB cable and connect it to your computer to gain access. Then you can find out what is wrong with your vehicle and give you a detail report. I also like how they tell you how they can fix it and how much the potential cost of the problem is. When I tried this on my vehicle I was very happy and it had a green light. If you are planning on going on a long trip this would be great to have to make sure that there are no problems with your vehicle. This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for any loved one. This would be a great gift for a new driver!! This come with a carrying case and is small enough to be able to bring anywhere. To find more information on CarMD you can find it on their site at


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