Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Loeb's Onion Crunch

My family are big fans of onion rings and I new I had to try this product by Loeb's Onion Crunch. You can put Onion Crunch on burgers, hotdogs, green beans, and soup and so much more. I love how it gives just the right amount of taste and crunch to your meal. I also love the container that the onion crunch is stored in.

I was scent a nice gift pack from Loeb's Onion Crunch. In this gift pack it contained a Onion Crunch Plush, a Onion Crunch T shirt, two regular sized Onion Crunch Product and about 16 sample packs of Onion Crunch packets. I was so excited to try this product so I opened and tried one of the sample packs and they taste great. I have tried the Onion Crunch on my burger and it gave it the right onion flavor. I like where I can just add the onion crunch instead of wasting an whole onion. Also a plus of using onion crunch it will not bring tears to your eyes which is a great plus. I love the sample packs because I can bring them anywhere I go out and use them on y salad, burger, soup or what ever I want. I love how they are single served packages which is great because you do not have to worry of them getting stale. My sons favorite dish with onion crunch is hot dogs. He is now using onion crunch every time he has a hot dog with ketchup. My daughter loves them plain which is funny. 

If you like to cook and I would recommend investing in Onion Crunch for your meals. Once you try them you will always have a can handy. You can find more information on Onion Crunch at


  1. Just tried Onion Crunch on my Eggs and wow was it great! Going to try it tonight with some Turkey Chili
    Molto Mario

  2. I love onions on pizza, but nobody else in the house does:( Onion Crunch solved this issue, plus it adds a new texture:)

  3. I have been adding it to soup and salads as a replacement for croutons. Same great crunch without all the added carbs.

  4. wish I could find somewhere to purchase these for a Christmas gift.


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