Thursday, April 17, 2014

Supergoop Review

Summer is coming up around the corner and that mean more time out in the sun. I know as a mother of two kids I always want to be prepared for our trips out in the sun. I was introduced to a company called Supergoop. Supergoop is a company that offers a wide variety of sun care products to protect you from the sun. Supergoop gave me the opportunity to review a few of their products.

The first product that I was able to review was their City and Sand Sunscreen tote. This tote is a 58 dollar kit for 35 dollars. This tote is great for traveling and easy to put in your purse or diaper bag. In this kit it contains a SPF 30+ City sunscreen serum, SPF 30+ fusion lip balm, SPF 30+ everyday UV lotion for face and body and SPF 40 antioxidant infused sunscreen day cream. The SPF 30+ city sunscreen serum comes in a 20 ml tube. This serum is an ultra light and multitasking broad spectrum SPF 30. The lip balm that comes in this travel kit comes in a 15 ml tube. This lip balm helps protects, sooth and hydrated stressed lips. The SPF 30+ everyday UV lotion for face and body come in a 1.6 fl oz tube. This lotion is very light weight when applied. This formula is also water resistant. This product can be used on any skin type. The last product in this kit is antioxidant infused sunscreen day cream that comes in a 1 fl oz tube. This helps for a barrier against damaging sun rays to the body's delicate skin.

The next product that I was able to review was their Self Tanning Sunscreen Mousse. This product comes in two sizes a full size 5.7 oz and a travel size that is 2.4 fl oz. I received a 5.7 fl oz for review. This product is a three in one product that gradually becomes a self tanner, moisturizer and is a broad spectrum SPF 20. This product helps prevent sunburn. When applying this product it absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy feeling like majority of the sunscreens out there. I also like how this product does not rub off on clothing or anything you may touch. Another deal breaker for me is scent of sun tan lotion. If I can not stand the scent I will not wear it. This product is one of the best smelling sun tan lotions out their. It is lightly scented of green tea and cucumber. This sun tan lotion can be used by anyone.

Overall I would recommend these products for the summer. I love the travel kit because it always handy to leave in the car for one of those unexpected trips. It is always great to be prepared. I am also a huge fan of the self tanning sunscreen due to it scent. It has a great scent and I do not mind putting the product on. This year be prepared for summer and check Supergoops out.

Supergoop Review

** I received one or more products for review purposes only. My opinion may differ from yours**

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Revolution 46 Review and Giveaway

I know my son was very excited when he found out he was going to be a big brother. It has worn off a little now but he is still proud of being and older brother. I found a great company that provides special shirts to make older brothers and sister feel special.

Revolution 46 has a variety of different t-shirts for little boys. The different shirts that you can choose from are super heroes, robots, skulls and crossbones, trains and there are more!!

When I was looking through their shop I was excited when I saw a t-shirt that had a Batman symbol on it with Big Brother inside the Batman symbol. This shirt was the perfect choice for a review. When I choose this shirt for review I had the choice of different sizes and color. I decided to go with the blue in size medium. 

When we received this shirt in the mail it came nicely folded in a nice brown paper bag to keep it protected and nice and clean. There was a cute Revolution 46 sticker that kept the bag closed. When I took the shirt out of the bag it was very soft. I loved the shirt and the design. The shirt effect was a little faint, but I really liked the effect. The shirt is made from cotton, so the fabric was not itch at all. When we threw the shirt in the wash it did not shrink nor did it fade. I would highly recommend Revolution 46 for your little boy or little girl. They have great big brother shirts, birthday shirts anything that you can think of.

Revolution 46 is has nicely offered one reader for Emmy's Deals to win their own shirt. USA on and enter below for your chance to win. Revolution 46 is responsible in providing prize and shipping.

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** I received a product for review purposes only and my opinions are 100 percent my own. They may differ from yours.**

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

TransFormers Energon Coming Soon

Are you a TransFormers Fan? I know we are huge fans of TransFormers fans. I am happy to let you know on May 13th Shout Factory in collaboration with Hasbro Studios is releasing Transformers Energon. This is Volume One! You can find this DVD at any Walmart nation wide! Bring this DVD home for a low price 5.97.

Kara Vita Eye Tender Review and Giveaway

Are you looking for great skin care products for Mothers Day? Well I was able to do another review for a company called Kara Vita. I will let you know you will not be disappointed with their products. Kara Vita produces the finest anti-aging skincare products available in the United States. At one point you could only get Kara Vita products at doctor offices and their original products that were first created in the 1989 where for burn patients, but luckily in 2003 Kara Vita products became available for everyone!
I was able to review Kara Vita eye tender 2.5. This product comes in a .05 oz jar. This products is voted the most popular by the customers. I know as a mom I am always on the go and when I go out I want to look my best. I am always looking for new products to help eliminate and prevent lines and wrinkles. This product will help improve your skin to look its best. This product will help hydrate, wrinkling reducing peptides, build collagen, brighten skin and reduce inflammation. This will help your skin look younger and healthier. 
When I used this product I took a small amount and massaged it gently on my eye area. When using this product you will want to use it twice a day. The scent of the product is not overbearing. I am not fond of the smell, but I can still use it and the scent does not bother me. When applying the product it absorbs quite quickly into the skin. It does not leave a greasy or sticky feeling afterwards which is great. This product left my skin area feeling soft and smooth after applying.
Overall thoughts about Kara Vita Eye Tender is that it is amazing. It is what everyone is raving about. It helps make your eye area look great within a few uses! This product will make your eye area look fantastic. You can find this product and their other products below on their website

Enter Below to win your own Kara Vita Eye Tender. Kara Vita will be responsible in providing and shipping the prize to one lucky winner.

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** I received a product for a review. My opinions are my own and may differ from yours**

Monday, April 14, 2014

Snack Taxi Review

I know life can get very hectic at times especially when you have to children. I know if I am planning to go a certain distance in a care I like to bring a snack. At times I am stumped in what to put their snacks in. Snack Taxi has helped me solve my problem. Snack Taxi is a reusable bag for you to put your snacks in or sandwich that you can carry just about anywhere. This is a very durable bag because it can stand the fight with my four year old. They come in variety of materials and they are also machine washable which is great when it come to my children. What I like is that this has cut back on the use of sandwich bags. A fun fact is when you use one reusable bag like the one that I received for review you save estimated 1000 sandwich bags out of the landfills. 

The Snack Taxi had a variety of products to choose from such as the snack taxi, sandwich taxi, produce bags napkins, bread sacks and other great items. The one good think is Snack Taxi has very affordable prices for their incredible products. These would make a great investment.  You can find their products at 

Zoku Quick Pop Maker Review

Summer is coming up just around the corner. My two little ones love homemade juice pops. The downfall to that is it can take hours for the juice pops to be ready. I always have to hear are they done yet are they done yet? I have been looking for a better option for this summer.

I have found a solution for my problems for my summer with Zoku Quick Pop Maker. This is a great gadget that will allow you to make popsicles in matter of minute than hours. How this gadget works is you put the canister in the freezer in advance. There is a slot in the the middle of the canister where you will make your ice pop. After you freeze your canister and put your liquid inside of the mold you will have your ice pop within minutes. 

Zoku does offer a couple of different ice pop makers where you can make one ice pop at a time or two or even three at a time. I received a single Zoku ice pop maker. This comes in handy for my kids. This product is very easy to use. I put the canister in the freezer the night before, so it would be ready for use the next day. When using the single ice pop maker you can make three ice pops before you have to refreeze the canister. I also like how this quick ice pop maker is made where it does not take much space up on my counter and I can put it away shortly after. 

You can get very creative when it comes making your own ice pops. When you are freezing your liquids you can freeze juices, yogurts or any kind of liquid that you would like.

Overall opinions of this product it very handy. I will be using this product during the summer. When you use this product the first pop ice will freeze quicker then the other two. If you are looking for a great product for those hot summer days that will take minutes to make. I would highly recommend investing in Zoku Quick Pop Ice maker.

You can find this product and their other products with the link below

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cut The Rope: Triple Threat Review

Last year my son got a Nintendo 3DS and he loves playing games on it. As a parent of a 6 year old I am very careful of what games my son plays on it. Recently we were given the chance to review a game called Cut the Rope: Triple Treat by Activision Publishing, Inc. This game is rated E for everyone and is rated by the ERSB. 

Cut The Rope: Triple Treat game overview: Drawing from ZeptoLab's best-selling, Apple Design and BAFTA Award-winning movie franchise, Cut the Rope: Triple Treat is a single-player, physics-based puzzle game in an adorable, 3D package. Players must manipulate increasingly complex strings of touch-controlled obstacles in oder to feed Om Nom, a lovable, insatiable, green monster that arrives one day in need of a home. The title bundles together the first three major installments in the series- the original Cut the Rope, as well as two expansions, Cut the Rope: Experiments and Cut the Rope: Time Travel- with bonus content for hardcore Om Nom caretakers.

Game features
  • Packed with over 650 levels
  • Over 50 hours of gameplay
  • Challenge your friends through online leaderboards
  • Perfect your rope cutting skills with your Nintendo 3DS stylus

When my son tried this game out he told me that it was fun and it made him think. He played it for hours and kept him entertained. My son loves how there are so many new levels. When my family had to go in car and run and errand that was about an hour away. I had my son bring this game. He played non stop and the game did not bore him at all. This game is a lot of fun and anyone can play it. I honestly try to sneak some playing time, but that does not happen often.

If you are trying to find last minute Easter Basket fillers I would recommend picking up Cut The Rope: Triple Treat. You can find this game on the link below.