Auromere Review and Giveaway Holiday Gift Guide 2018

I was excited when I was given a chance to review a couple of products from Auromere. I have reviewed their lotion back in the past and I absolutely loved it. When I was given a chance to review exfoliating face wash and their wrinkle serum I was very excited. I wanted to share a little bit of Auromere History.
Over 30 years ago Auromere Ayurvedic Imports started as a small community-owned business that became one of the first companies to introduce Ayurveda to the U.S. Today, as a leading importer of Ayurvedic body care, books on Integral Yoga, and conscious living products, Auromere's mission is to bring the ancient spiritual and traditional healing wisdom of India and a higher consciousness within reach of our modern, fast-paced lives. The first product I received for a review was their exfoliating face wash that came in a nice small blue bottle. The net weight of the bottle is .56 oz. When I opened the bottle I was assuming at first that it was going to be a liquid, but boy was …

Holiday gift guide 2018

I love to invest in natural products when it comes for health care. Especially when it come to my 5 and 3 year old. When I came across Monkey Balm I was intrigued because this product is natural and it help relieve eczema. My family suffers from eczema. Although my daughter and I suffer from it more than my son does. I was given the opportunity to review Monkey Balm. I was excited to be given the chance to review. Monkey Balm can be used in several situations. If you are outside in the sun and you or your children are suffering from sunburn this product is great to help reduce the irritation. I find my children and I use it on our irritated skin when we have dry and outburst from eczema. Let me tell you Monkey Balm help relieve and help get rid of the problem. I was quite impressed with this product. The secret to Monkey Balm is that is made with Organic Sea Buckthorn Oils. I would highly recommend this product if you have skin irritation or sunburned. This product is truly amazing. I …

BodyArmor Sport Drinks Review (holiday gift guide 2018)

I am always looking for a something more healthy to drink. Expecially when I started working third shifts I need something healthy to drink. I know what your thinking when you work third shift your not doing as much during the day, but this job your are always busy doing something. I always notice throughout the night I am working up a sweat and I need to get hydrated. I know when I am drinking caffeine it is not helping me get hydrated.
When I came across Bodyarmor drinks I was very interested in to see what they tasted like. I know that I do like different sport drinks but they where getting old with their flavors. When I checked out what Bodyarmor offered as flavors I was totally impressed. The different drink flavors are Octagon Orange, Strawberry Banana, Orange Mango, Fruit Punch, Blackout Berry, Watermelon Strawberry, Pineapple Coconut, Tropical Punch, Mixed Berry, Lemonade, Grape and Knockout Punch. When I choose my first drink to try I chose to drink the strawberry banana and l…

Orglamix monthly beauty box Review (Holiday Gift Guide 2018)

There is one thing that I am obsessed with is beauty boxes. What I like about companies that offer beauty boxes is before trying their products at a low price you can order a beauty box and try their products to see if they are a match for you before you order full price items from their website!! Orglamix offers a variety of different products on their website makeup, skincare to aroma. By ordering their beauty box you are able to try a variety of their products in a monthly subscription of 29.00.
When first received my monthly subscription box it came in a nice pretty cardboard box. It had a pretty design on box which I really noticed when I received the box. It was also sturdy where I knew it protected my products inside. When I opened up my box I was surprised with how many items that were inside for me this month. I also liked his they sent a card stock the in box telling me about the different product that are inside and the retail price of each item. 
The first product that I rec…

Card Caddy Review

Card Caddy is a newer product that is complete genius for your deck of cards or your trading cards. This product can be used as a storage unit for your cards or it can be used as a tray. This product can be used as a single deck storage for your cards or it can be used as a double storage unit. I also like that this product comes in different colors. I received five different color that I revived for review. The colors that I received are red, white, green, black and blue. The cases are heavy duty plastic that is going to protect your cards and they are not going to let your cards get damage and bent. It also protects them from accidental spills. It will not let the spill leak through and ruin your cards. The card Caddy is easy to use and put away. My son doesn't use this product for his deck of cards but for his trading cards that he has in his room. He definitely needs the containers to protect his cards from his room. When you have a ten year old boy you need to invest in somet…

Dunky Cup Review

I know my kids love to dunk their cookies in their milk, but it make a huge mess. I know they like to sit out in the living room with their cookies and milk and it just make a huge mess. Then I ban them into the kitchen at the table to where they eat their cookies. 
When I came across this amazing company called Dunky Cup. It has solved all my issues and it offers a variety of different uses. This helps parents prevent a mess and a fun way to eat your snack for kids.  I was lucky to receive two Dunky Cups for my children to review. I am lucky that they sent to because my kiddos absolutely love them and they would fight over them if they had only one. There are so many options for this cup you can use them for cookies and milk, graham cookies and milk, pretzels and dip, and carrots and dip. 
The features on this cup is there are 3 pockets for sacks, cookies or dip. The center portion holds milk, coffee, tea or dip. This cup is heavy duty for a lifetime and you will be able to get a lot o…
Are you looking for a game for family game night. We received Tradewala for review and we gave it a try at family game night. My daughter wasn't so much into this game so she passed playing it tonight. My ten year old son was very excited to play this game. 
A little bit about Tradewala: 
War! Politics! Gender Inequality! The Environment! Education!  Which of today’s social topics is most important to you and which would you trade away?  Tradewala is a frenzied party card game that raises our social IQ! Every day, we’re faced with news headlines or social topics that affect us. Tradewala folds these topics into a trading game with auction-style speed. It creates a crazy fun environment with friends, family or even strangers, that organically sparks interesting conversation after rounds of exciting gameplay. A “wala” is an expert in a particular skill. Are you fast enough to be named the Tradewala? In this addicting and adrenaline-packed game, players start with 9 satirical cards repres…